Thanks for making me look schtupid

On our recent trip to Knotts Berry Farm, my son, Andrew, decided he wanted to spend his 20 bucks on a piece of crap gun.
I tried to talk him out of it.
“Baby, there’s nothing special about that gun and I promise you it will break before the week is over. Save your money for something you really want!”
Of course, he didn’t listen to me. I could have flat out told him “NO!” but it was his money he got for his birthday, so I let him make his own decision.

I was right. The piece of crap gun fell apart the first time he used it after we got home.
I did the whole “I TOLD YOU SO” speech, but in a loving way. I wanted my son to understand that when I tell him things, it’s not because I’m “mean” but because I have his best interests at heart.
“Mom told you not to be that because I KNEW it was a waste of money and I was right, wasn’t I?”
“Yes, mom, you were. You should have FORBID me to buy it! Next time, take my money away and don’t let me buy it!”
“No. I want you to learn to listen to what I have to say, to trust what I’m saying is coming from a place of love and concern and make the choice to listen to me.”
I then told him since we had spent ten dollars on a toy for his brother, and since he had learned a lesson, I would give him half of the money he spent back, but it would have to go into his savings account. I also told him not to feel bad about buying it, but instead, to learn from it.
“We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to money. Trust me, I’ve bought things that I thought I had to have, but turned out to be a complete waste of money.”
This was one of the greatest conversations I’d ever had with my son. Then Tony showed up and butted in.
Tony was WAY TO HAPPY to give Andrew an example of a time that I had “made a bad choice with money.”
“Yeah! She’s right! Like the time she spent ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ON A PIECE OF RUBBER!
Read it. I’ll wait.
(For the record :I will NEVER live that down, as long as I live. I once tried to get rid of that thing on Christmas in one of those “elephant gift” exchanges and the person who ended up with it left it on top of our car when he left because it’s THAT STUPID.)
Thanks for “going there” Tony. Now anytime I want to talk to my son about spending money wisely, all he has to do is yell “PIECE OF RUBBER!” and I’ll have to shutup and hang my head in shame.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for making me look schtupid

  1. Kristina

    Lol. Y I think we’ve all been there in regards to spending money in unjustified situations. It’s just one of those knee jerk reaction type things. Kind of like infatuation. :) But that was a pretty good talk you had with your son, it was the same talk I had with mine when he bought a piece of crap toy gun from Six Flags with his bday money. I tried to tell him that he could spend it on a PS2 game, but oh no he had to have it. So I let him learn the hard way just like you did. It served it’s purpose. :)

  2. Shelby :)

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m a sucker for those infomercial things too. I have gotten that electronic ab belt (better for electroshock therapy than weight loss) that epil-stop (takes off your skin, at least that what it feels like it’s doing, and the hair doesn’t go anywhere). At least the rubber thing just made you feel stupid, instead of causing you bodily harm while making you feel stupid.

  3. Michelle

    My husband bought that stupid thing when the infomercial first aired. He was so pumped about finally having those 6 pack abs without having to bust his ass at the gym 5 days a week. I tried to tell him, beg him, plead with him that it was too simple to be for real. He wouldn’t listen. I have had that stupid Body Blade in the back of my closet for 5 years now. I can’t even get a sucker off of Freecycle to take it off of my hands.
    Unfortunately, unlike you, my hubby didn’t learn his lesson. I have a closet full of useless shit that he has purchased from infomercials. Now he’s getting my son into the act. Oy vey! I’m ready to pitch them both off in an infomercial…

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