Squirt THIS

Just got back from lunch with a friend.
A friend who used to be my neighbor, but who did something really selfish, and moved away from me.
How dare her!

We decided to go to Rainforest Cafe so the babies would be somewhat entertained. After looking over the menu, we decided we both wanted the fried BUFFALO chicken salad.
It’s extremely important to me that you understand it said “BUFFALO chicken.” It didn’t not say “plain ol’ chicken strips with squirts of buffalo sauce.” It did not say “Straight up chicken strips.” It said BUFFALO chicken.
I have to admit, I was totally excited about this salad. I had high expetations for how awesome it was going to be. Do you have any idea how GREAT buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing are together? DO YOU?
The waitress sets our plates down.
I noticed something was terribly wrong, but before I got chance to say anything, Trish holds the “buffalo” chicken up and proclaims “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?”
Ah! It was a total SQUISH THE FOAM moment.
It wasn’t buffalo chicken, my friends. Oh no.

Trish was all “Am I supposed to spread the sauce with a basting brush?”
And I was all “Seriously. THE MENU DOESN’T SAY A SQUIRT OF SAUCE. It says buffalo chicken!”
Don’t be squirting a little sauce on a chicken strip and calling it “buffalo chicken”. Latina’s get PISSED when you do that.
That was over an hour ago and as you can clearly see, I’m still pissed about it.
I TAKE MY FOOD SERIOUSLY. Not that you’d know that by looking at me, or anything.

6 thoughts on “Squirt THIS

  1. tricialicious

    You have totally captured the moment…except your chicken strip looks like a bloody turd. But you didn’t mention the nice little note you left our waitress…we should go back and request her again!

  2. mikey

    i’m sorry… i read the picture before i read any of your post, and “buffalo sauce” really cracked me up. sick, but funny.
    and then you started talking about a squirt of buffalo sauce, i just lost it.
    what were you talking about, again?

  3. dani

    Like you can get real buffalo chicken in California! :) As a native of Buffalo NY, I can honestly say I’ve never had decent buffalo chicken anywhere other than western NY! Even BW3s! I do feel for you though, chicken strip + a little sauce doesn’t even make it mediocre or edible buffalo chicken.

  4. lex

    Oh, don’t even get me started on the Suck that is the Rainforest Cafe. They’re so caught up with the cuteness of the decor and theme, that they forgot about the F’n food!!!

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