Big Pimpin

My friend Mieke, who also happens to be a frequent visitor to this blog AND a big blabber mouth ,name droppin’ liberal (not that there’s anything WRONG with that), needs our help. Her client’s movie, THE PERFECT MAN, staring Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear, and Chris Noth, is opening on June 17th against Batman and they are going to get their asses kicked. It is really important that they have a strong opening weekend and week so please spread the word and get out and see it. You can even buy a ticket to see it and then slip into another movie playing in the Cineplex. (tom cruise totally made me say that.)
The movie is a sweet mother-daughter story.


In The Perfect Man, teenager Holly Hamilton (Hilary Duff) is tired of moving every time her single mom Jean (Heather Locklear) has another personal meltdown involving yet another second-rate guy. To distract her mother from her latest bad choice, Holly conceives the perfect plan for the perfect man…an imaginary secret admirer who will romance Jean and boost her shaky self-esteem. When the virtual relationship takes off, Holly finds herself having to produce the suitor, borrowing her friend’s charming and handsome Uncle Ben (Chris Noth) as the face behind the e-mails, notes and gifts. Holly must resort to increasingly desperate measures to keep the ruse alive and protect her mom’s newfound happiness. . . almost missing the real perfect man when he does come along.

Mieke works for herself so the pressure is really on her for this movie to be a success. If you are so inclined please post this on your blog too, help us get the word out to help a fellow mommy blogger.

20 thoughts on “Big Pimpin

  1. Suzi

    I just watched the trailer, and it actually looks like it might suck a lot less than most movies. It looks like a perfect movie for the same demographic that probably reads your blog—I’m guessing 20’s-30’s-40’s moms. Don’t underestimate the power of blogs when it comes to box office success, either. Look at The Blair Witch Project, for example.
    But still. . .Batman. My little girl used to think Christmas was Batman’s birthday.

  2. Michelle

    Batman, Schmatman- he’ll be around the following weekend. Not like his ass will be going anywhere. Count me in to see this movie- I love both Noth and Locklear so I know I will enjoy this movie. :-)
    You are a good friend, btw, to promote this movie for Mieke. :-)

  3. Psycho Kitty

    Oh, I will so go see this. Cause remember? I’m a big friggin’ sap. Batman shmatman. How many crappy batman movies can you squeeze into one lifetime? Whereas I have found that I can squeeze in an UNLIMITED number of sappy movies!

  4. Jenn

    Not a big Locklear fan but still already have plans with my 18 yr old daughter to see it opening weekend.
    I do like me some Chris Noth….a.k.a. Mr. Big.

  5. Jen

    I actually saw a trailer for this the other day and thought to myself that it would be perfect to take my girls to. They LOVE Hilary Duff. We’ll so be there.

  6. Aitch

    Wait, wait, wait. Are you really pimping a movie here? I have seen all sortsa pimps on blogs before but never a movie. Wow that’s crazy insane and a new one for the books!

  7. Kathy Howe

    I saw a clip of this movie somewhere (probably on TV) and thought it looks good. I’m more of a wait until I can rent it kinda gal but maybe I’ll treat myself to a movie in a theater where they make the popcorn for me.

  8. Annika

    I am SO not the target audience for this movie. Will you forgive me if I run out and watch Batman eight thousand times?

  9. reese

    OK, I saw the preview for this and thought it looked SO CUTE! I want to see it with my mom :) What does Mieke do? PR?

  10. debutaunt

    Since Z baby is worshipful of Ms. Duff, we promise to go opening weekend.
    If I get bored, I will just have some sexual fantasies about Mr. Big. Mmmmmmmm.
    Does that mean I’m a bad person?

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