You do the math.

Celebrating by jumping up and down in the middle of the basketball court after your son wins his second playoff game in one day + 42 E cup boobs + a nursing bra that snaps open in the front =
a) Whomp! There it is!
b) Humiliation.
c) Like, WOAH.
d) The most embarassing moment of my life.
e) Tittysmack to the face.
f) For the love of God, cover the children’s eyes!

18 thoughts on “You do the math.

  1. Tammy

    You know, I’m really really sorry that had to happen to you, but on the other hand, it will make me giggle all day. I may have to use the phrase “tittysmack to the face” in conversation with Hubby, just to see if he’s listening.

  2. NinaKaye

    hahahaha! that’s funny. This morning I started a new “I’m going to workout now” phase, and my boobs couldn’t make it through the whole thing. Damn things kept jumping up in my face.

  3. Mamacita

    The day will come when you will look back on this and laugh. It might take that day a while to come, though. Then again, you might start laughing tomorrow.

  4. kristal

    and I thought my 38DD’s were bad.
    I went to 2 playoff games today, too… Is he done, or are there more games to go? We have the final games next weekend for my niece. My daughter is out of it (they played each other).

  5. Mellissa

    h) something I, at 32B, will probably never get to experience, unless my boobs grow at a gigantic rate when I have a baby :o(

  6. shy me

    Sorry! But my 34DDDs ( I think that’s an F in US language ) and I are laughing because we understand! Giggle

  7. ben

    I have this new digital camera that also takes movies and I so wish I had been there.
    Whomp! There it is…

  8. dazed

    Geebus, can you give us a warning next time you use the phrase, tittysmack to the face? I choked on my water and spit it out all over my TPS reports. Crack my shit up…

  9. exoticagypsygurl

    That is sooooo funny. I’m still laughing, because I can relate to the “tittysmack in the face”. Ever had a “tittyclap”? It’s just as bad, if not worse. Because if anyone missed seeing it, they had the opportunity to “hear” it.

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