Happy Easter.

Ahhh, Decorating eggs.
The kids love it. Me? No lovey.
Infact, I pretty much hate it.

If you take a really good look at the picture, you can see that Tony isn’t that into it, either. At least I PRETEND I’m having fun, Tony’s a little more “out there” with his hatred.
Ethan was the only one straight up LOVING it. Andrew had fun, but he’s at that age where he can’t let on that he’s enjoying it too much, because, he’s 12 and that means he’s supposed to be “too cool” for stuff like that.
Easter has always been a holiday that I love.
Not because of the candy, or the eggs, or the stupid bunny.
Because of the message of the resurrection of Christ.
It’s a message of amazing love, sacrifice and mostly, one of great hope.
I told my dad I would attend his Easter service today. Now, I’m having second thoughts. I remember when I was one of the church going people, I’d smirk at the people who’d only come to church on Christmas and Easter, never imagined I’d be one of “those people.”
I’ll probably go, for my dad’s sake. I don’t want to deal with him being upset and hurt because I didn’t show up.
I just hope Gabby doesn’t rip one during his sermon.

11 thoughts on “Happy Easter.

  1. Jenn

    Happy Easter Y. That pic of Ethan has me in rolling, that is some face. I leave the egg doing to my husband every year, it’s really not my thing. I am better at being proud of them when they are all done. :)

  2. Stacey

    Cae went to her first Anglican service today with Grandma.
    Mommy = no steppy into the churchy
    I love the look on Tony’s face, he looks asleep! And Ethan? TOO CUTE.
    And I remember sitting around the table doing eggs with my parents, so much fun. Except I’d never end up emptying the eggs entirely, and I’d keep them until they stunk out the house.:D
    Happy Easter Yvonne :)

  3. NinaKaye

    We didn’t even dye any eggs this year. I don’t like the mess, and the kids don’t know any different.
    I wish my son was as enthusiastic as Ethan! And hey, at least your husband is beside the kids. I’d have to yell for like an hour to even get mine out of the computer chair…or to even turn around!

  4. dawn

    Awwww! I miss dying Easter eggs with the girls. What fun!
    Fantastic job on the eggs, whoever did them, they are GORGEOUS. Love the colors.

  5. kristal

    Happy Easter! I’m too sick to think up a witty comment, but wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you guys. Hope you had a great day…

  6. Lujza

    Happy Easter Y!…to you and yours….it is good to remember “the reason for the season” and….lol, you don’t have to take a “really good look” to see that your hubs is just “lovin it”!

  7. misty

    hello everyone out there,
    My name is misty. I am a mother, wife and a college student. I live in Lawton, Oklahoma. I have been married for 8 years and we have a 7 yr girl,alisha. We are a proud miltary family. I am new to blogging. So far, this is really cool. I just hope i do not get addicted. well time to start the day. i have school and alisha is having a babysitter come over and watch her. she is out for easter. Lucky her!

  8. Maine

    I could never get into the egg decorating thing. I always think, “Alright, now that the egg is multicolored and sparkly, it should be sweet like candy inside.”
    But guess what? No candy. Still egg. Looks like candy. Tastes like egg.
    I can’t take that kind of deception.

  9. Mrs Darling

    I had a doctors appointment on Friday so I excitedly told the kids that they get to decorate eggs with their sitter. They were sooo excited! The sitter didn’t look so pleased but what could she say? She’s the babysitter! She has to do what I say! I think I’ll make this a yearly ritual! Lol
    And Just for the record I went to church Saturday night to our Easter Drama, Sunday morning AND Sunday evening! LOl I love going to church. And y you are so right. There is something so beautiful about the whole story. It’s just the bestest Sunday to be in church!

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