Wa Wa Wa

I have a confession.
I watched the Happy Days Reunion show last night.
And I loved it. Because I loved Happy Days.
Oh! The memories!
PINKY TUSCADARO! Leather Tuscadaro! The FONZ! Mr and Mrs.C.  POTSIE WEBBER (He was almost always my pretend husband when I’d play barbies, I would rotate between him, and The Doc from The Love Boat… ok, and sometimes Gopher)!!!
However, as great as it was to watch the memories, it was sad to see how old everyone is. Made me all freaked out about how close I am to dying because… ‘LOOK HOW OLD JOANIE IS!’
I’m also slightly pissed off at the fact I can NOT stop telling people to “SIT ON IT!”

19 thoughts on “Wa Wa Wa

  1. Daria

    I watched it and loved it, too! And yes, Joanie looked way old.
    Is it wrong of me to think I get bragging rights for meeting Mr. C once?

  2. Lisa

    I watched, I loved, I sobbed because I’m old enough to have seen the very first episode in addition to the last episode. I LOVED Happy Days. And I was struck how much Erin Moran resembles a younger Marian Ross. *sigh* How come we can’t all stay young forever?? *sigh* again.

  3. angie

    I missed it! Damn! In preschool, we had to have a rug or beach towel to lie on for nap/rest time. Guess what mine was?? Guess!!
    THE FONZ—of course! He was leaning against the jukebox, thumbs up saying…”Ayyyyy” I loved that towel.
    I’ll catch it when it reruns.

  4. Jenn

    I didn’t watch the reunion but I loved the show. I remember feeling sorry for Potsie, because he was so slow but cute.

  5. Shaunta

    I didn’t see the special. But I did buy my husband the first season of Happy Days on DVD for Christmas.
    Can I just say that watching that whole first season one show after the other, as an adult, was eye opening. That whole show, at least the first season, was completely devoted to Richie and his buddies getting some pussy. Honestly. Every single episode.
    And what’s up with the older brother? I didn’t even know there was one. What happened to him the rest of the zillion seasons?

  6. Buzz

    We watched it too. I was amazed at how funny and cool Marion Ross has turned out! She seems to be so much fun. Who knew?
    Oh and how funny was it when Fonzie and Mrs C started making out with the rest of the family standing next to them? HAHA!!

  7. Kim

    I haven’t said hi in a long time…so first…HI!
    I watched The Happy Day’s reunion too and loved it. And I agree seeing how age gets to everyone not only was sad, but really had me avoiding the mirror the next day.

  8. NinaKaye

    I didn’t watch it. But when I saw the commercial for it I laughed. Everytime I see “The Fonz” on anything I just think “Cover Winkler with bees!!” (From the movie “Little Nicky” in case no one’s ever seen it) It cracks me up. So, I can’t watch Happy Days or anything else with him in it.

  9. andrea

    I watched it too. Henry Winkler hasn’t aged at all but Joanie and the red haired guy who is now the white haired guy….. whoooo
    It was a great show….

  10. Mariposa

    I KNOW! I watched it too and was like OMG Joanie looks scary and old! WTF? And I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and got scared I would look like Joanie. All wrinkled and old. SHe looked like an old vagina.
    Joanie was my first imaginary friend. And Potsie was mine, sorry, he was my first love. Along with Gopher. Was it the dark hair thing? Did we think they were latino’s or something?

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