Half way there, baby

Today, my daughter is 6 months old.
Where did the time go? And why is it passing so quickly?
I wish it would slow down. I look at my boys, and I am painfully aware that I’ll blink my eyes and that beautiful baby girl you see there, resting her head on her favorite “pillow”, will be growing “pillows” of her own, and talking about boys she likes and going to the mall with her friends and how she wants to dye her hair and pierce her nose.
I remember when I found out that the baby I was carrying inside of me was a little girl. I was scared. I honestly did not believe I could bond with a girl. I feared I wouldn’t connect with her the same way I did with my sons. I didn’t think she’d like me very much, Silly as that sounds. I’d have nightmares of her fussing when I’d hold her and screaming for daddy to rescue her from me.
I was so wrong. She adores me. And I adore her.
There is a powerful love between the two of us and I look forward to watching it grow and develop over the coming years.
Six months have already passed, and the love and pride I feel towards her is so heart-stirring, I can only imagine what the future holds.
(p.s. I resisted the very great urge inside of my soul to turn this post into one big fart joke, because, me and my daughter have become quite the farters in crime. However, I resisted and went with pure cheese instead. You should be proud)

11 thoughts on “Half way there, baby

  1. Jenny

    i love my son but sometimes i wish he was a girl. i cant go hello kitty crazy with him. :( oh well. there’s always bob the builder.

  2. NinaKaye

    They grow up so fast. My “baby” is almost 2 1/2 now. I’m not as motherly as you, so I wish she would have skipped from sleep-all-day-baby to Kindergarten. heh

  3. missy

    Wow. I cannot believe she is 6 months old already. That is so incredibly amazing to me. I am so so so jealous that you’ve already had all this time with Gabby, and I’m still waiting for Piper to finish cooking. Congratulations, and be sure to treasure this time with her! :)

  4. Tish

    When my daughter was 6 months old, I felt her admiration at every gaze and smile. Now at 7, I feel like she sees an ATM machine that does laundry. But the in between is really fun/frustrating/fantastic/furiously fast.
    I used all Fs, did you notice?
    Come see me – I blog rolled you.

  5. robyn

    Just wanted to wish Gabby a very happy half-birthday (although it’s somewhat belated because we were in OK for Nathan’s first b-day)! I hope she had a wonderful day! It just goes way too fast… *sniff*

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