Did I mention today the boys are H-O-M-E F-R-O-M S-C-H-O-O-L?

My youngest son, Ethan, NEVER.STOPS.TALKING.
He talks C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y.
About everything, about nothing, about something, about this thing, about that thing…
about W-R-E-S-T-L-I-N-G.
Did you know Kurt Angle is the king of the Ankle Lock? The SUPREME Ankle Lock? Well, I DO! Because Ethan told me. And he’s told me at LEAST 40 times! And so had Andrew! Because, they both love wrestling.
I thought telling them it was fake would shut them up.
Um… I was wrong.
That just made Ethan talk even more than he already does, trying to convince himself me that it’s TOTALLY real!
“Oh yeah, right, it’s fake, that’s why it says L-I-V-E right? (because LIVE = NOT FAKE)”
“Oh, yeah, it’s fake, but they are really jumping off the ropes onto their opponents!”
“Oh, yeah, you think it’s fake, but they really hate each other in real life and you can’t make that up. EXPLAIN THAT, MOM!!”
“Oh, yeah, right mom, it’s fake, but they really throw each other around the ring, yeah, like you can really make that up!”
I love that kid and I know that one day I’ll be crying about how he never talks to me anymore because he’s too busy talking to his friends or going on dates, but right now I just kind of wish he’d SHUTTIE THE MOUTHIE.

7 thoughts on “Did I mention today the boys are H-O-M-E F-R-O-M S-C-H-O-O-L?

  1. kb

    God my boys are so up into that wrestling crap. I likes to stop by just to look at all the sweaty men’za in their little speedos!!

  2. mikey

    you know, you’re gonna laugh, but this is a big peeve of mine… i hate hate hate when people say that wrestling is “fake”. it’s not fake. it’s scripted. huge difference. it takes a hell of a lot of athletic prowess not to get hurt doing a lot of those moves they do. and they do that shit day in and day out.
    i mean, do you think that the average person could jump off the top rope, land on someone else, and not hurt himself? or the guy he’s landing on? yeah, see, that’s some tough shit to do!
    about the rest of it being fake? like, the wrestlers hating each other? yeah. they hate each other all the way to the bank. heh.

  3. NinaKaye

    My son talks nonstop too. He talks to the tv, to his toys, to his sister, to me, to his dad, to himself. And if he runs out of things to say, he says “I love you.” He must say “I love you” 375730385 times a day. And I know it’s just because he can’t think of anything else, because I’ve asked, “Did you run out of things to say?” and he said yes! But he keeps on talking! It’s not so bad during the week because he’s at school, but Saturdays just about drive me crazy.

  4. Tracy

    Ok, since you closed comments on the post above, and I can’t email you from work to verbally kick your ass, I’m posting it here.
    Being married for 13 years, and having three beautiful children is a HUGE accomplishment. And I’m NOT saying that to make you feel better. Do you want to know how many people I know, in the same age range as us, that have accomplished that?? Uh, yeah…that’d be YOU. One. You are the ONE person I know who is near my age who has accomplished that. So STFU.
    Secondly, if you WANT to go back to college, I’d be willing to bet you could get pell grants or student loans to cover the cost. Talk your mom or sister into watching Gabby during the day while you’re in class, or make the hubster watch her at night so you can go to night classes, and you can make it happen. Figure out what you want to do, and go for it. In the long run, it IS for your kids if you do that, because you’ll feel more secure, you’ll probably be bringing in more money, etc…
    But at the same time, never underestimate the value they find in having you at home with them. Who else will listen to them when they go on and on about wrestling? No one.

  5. Sweety

    Since you closed the comment section from your latest post I’m using this to give you a (((((hugs)))))
    Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all love you for who you are.

  6. Idony

    Kurt Angle is a hero in this household. My PARTNERS hero.
    I feel a twinge of pity for your boy’s future partners ;D
    Ok, so I don’t, cause I’m sure they’ll make up for it somehow!

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