29 thoughts on “Almost all better

  1. Zette

    Awww….what a cutie, sick or not! Good to hear she’s feeling better! And what about mommy? Have you been able to catch up on any sleep?
    Take Care!

  2. RisibleGirl

    What a precious baby. I’m so glad she’s feeling better. Geez I want one of those (precious baby girl, that is!) but this baby factory is closed. Sigh…

  3. PQ

    she is definitely a little beauty. one of the cutest bloggin’ babies around! those little cheeks make me wish I could just munch ’em.

  4. Shylah

    I absolutely love that toothless grin. Em didn’t get her first tooth til she was ten months old, and I loved it.. she was my little toothless wonder.

  5. Lessa

    I’m so glad she’s feeling better! My neice had RSV when she was just a couple weeks old, and I know how scary that is. She was so little she ended up hospitilized – but you’d never know it now!
    How I love that pretty smile! And Gaby’s is prettty fantastic too! *grin* Gaby is certianly adorable!

  6. Darleen

    I’ve been lurking and not commenting lately, but I have to say I’m so happy that cutie is on the mend. And its such a gorgeous warm day, too, everything to make y’all feel better! I have to admit though, I think her smile outshines the sun.
    hugs for you ALL.

  7. angie

    Oh, wow, I recognize those sick eyes! My little one looked the same when she had rsv. Only she had blue eyes and blond hair. :) Once again, I say, that child is gorgeous to the extreme!!

  8. Samina

    AWWW…what a cutie! They always seem to be happy no matter what!
    I hope you are catching up on your sleep!

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