Fun times!

In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like at my house in the mornings, I give you “My Life in the Mornings, Every Morning, Except for the Weekends and Vacations.”
“Get up!”
We’re TIRED!”
On the Gooood Ship Lollipop” OR, maybe “I like big butts and I can not lie, you otha brothas…”
*Pillows flying at me*
“Get dressed.”
“Get your socks on.”
“Get your shoes on.”
“Why aren’t you dressed yet?”
“Put the ball down and EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!”
“Stop writing “I love pink” on your brothers notebook and FINISH EATING!”
“I hate school!”
“Well, I hate cleaning toilets and washing your dirty chonies, but I have to do it!”
“My socks are BUGGING ME! I can’t stand it!”
“Stop calling your brother a bunghole!”
“I don’t care if you called you a retard first! BOTH OF YOU STOP!”
“If you miss the bus, you’re on restriction tomorrow.”
“I hear the bus! THE BUS IS COMING!”
“I have to PEEEEE!”
“Go pee and then RUN! RUN LIKE THE WIND!”
“I love you!!”
“Ah, peace and quiet! I think I’ll sit down and read…”
“Wahhhh, I want tittymilk! WHERE MA’ TIT AT?”

2 thoughts on “Fun times!

  1. cee

    Heh heh! Could be my house too…. ‘cept, instead of breastfeeding, I have 3 clowns screwing around, missing the bus…..

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