I’m going to have to take drastic measures to protect my daughter from the baby lovers of this city because people can’t stop TOUCHING MY DAUGHTER.
I’m sorry, I’m weird about that, if I don’t know you, I don’t want you to touch my baby. I have no idea where people’s hands have been and they touch her hand and then she sticks her hands in her mouth. Ew. It just makes me sick. I’ve tried to be polite about it, UNTIL TODAY. Because, today? Today, someone who I’ve never seen in my entire life… KISSED MY BABY ON THE CHEEK.
I was so shocked and disgusted and pissed and SHOCKED.
I’m going to start carrying a sign “DO NOT TOUCH THE BABY.”
Or how about “Touch the baby, get your ass beat”
What in the hell is wrong with people? I mean, I’ve seen cute babies before and I’ve never, not once, EVER thought “that baby is so cute that I’m going TO KISS IT!” Hell, I have never even touched a baby I don’t know.
Why do The Crazies of the world always end up in the same isle as me?

Damn. Will I ever be able to kiss my daughter again without throwing up in my mouth a little?

16 thoughts on “Just…NO!

  1. Toni

    Oh. My. God! I am soooo glad I’m not the only one dealing with this! I very rarely touch OPB’s, and if I do, its the foot usually (having two small boys, there’s no telling what they’ve put on me). Yet anytime I go somewhere, people insist on touching my baby girl.

    The worst was *shuddering* I decided on a whim to get her pics done at WalMart a few days ago, and the white-trash photo taker insisted on trying to get baby girl to smile by kissing her cheeks and blowing zerberts on them.

    I came straight home and sanitized us both! icky!

  2. y

    Ok, old ladies get a “touch my baby for free, just stay away from her face” pass, I get that. But a twenty something year old all up in my babies face, KISSING HER?

  3. Snidget

    i was the same way with Turtle. People would come up, and try to touch his hands. UGH! The same ones that he insisted on putting in his mouth!

  4. Steph

    Yeah, I never understood that either. People are crazy.
    I’ve said so many times “Ohhh you’re so cute, but I’m not going to touch you because my hands are dirty!” to babies that I KNOW. It’s just… common courtesy, I thought.

  5. girl

    that’s a definite invasion of personal space. however, I wouldn’t use any of those above products on your daughter. when used too often, those products reduce your chance of fighting off germs b/c you become resistant. the same thing happens when you wash your hands too often wtih antibacterial soap. that would not be a good thing to do to a wee one such as Gabby who needs a strong immune system.

  6. Grace

    Just give them the “touch her or die” look & they’ll back off. or maybe you just have such a friendly face that they think it’s okay to INVADE your & your baby’s space. Hmmm…

  7. chasmyn

    I completely agree. In fact I was just thinking about this last night before I fell asleep. With Quinn I always made sure I stood between him and anyone else in the store to prevent such behaviour. I remember once a woman came up to him (right next to me) and started talking to him like I wasn’t there. He looked at her like she was crazy and I told her he didn’t talk. Then she had the nerve to say to me, as if it was some sort of explanation for her incredibly inappropriate behaviour, that she was with Parents as Teachers. I let her know we already were a part of that organization and I made sure I stood between Quinn and her until she finally went away. Audacity!!!

  8. Caitlin

    Maybe you could get one of those nifty little slings that would smoosh Gabby all up in your boobs, and THEN, people would stay away…or maybe, they’d just want to touch Gabby more, in hopes of grabbing a handful of boob. Ick. Sorry, bad idea.

  9. Michelle

    It’s your own durned fault for having such a scrumptious baby girl, Y. OK, just kidding, but not about the scrumptious part. Kisses from strangers are NOT OK. Can you teach her to holler “Stranger Danger!” yet?

  10. whistler

    We find this problem all the time. People walk up to her and must touch her. Especially on the face. Makes you squeemish not knowing where their hands have been.

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