I’ll rip your piece off

Anyone watch The Apprentice finale last night?
I was out shopping during the beginning of it and came home just in time to see REGIS PHILBIN all up in the audience with a mic in his hand.
What in the shit was that about?
And Donald was all “Ask all of the great people in the audience who should I vote for”
And Regis was all “Who should The Donald vote for, people?”
And I was all “Why doesn’t The Donald make up his own damn mind and quit acting like a spineless dick about it?”
That was just… STUPID?
And don’t even get me started on the “live band” singing the “Money” song. If I ever hear that song again, someone’s getting a round house kick to the ribs.
I thought it was highly fitting that, while watching that piece of crap finale last night, Gabby lifted her legs and ripped a horrific “wet” fart in the direction of the TV. It was as if she was saying “This is a piece of crap, but since all I’ve got is a fart laced with crap, I’ll go ahead and send a “shout out” to your piece of crap show, you pieces of crap.”
That said, I’m glad that Kelly won. I freaking HATED Jen.
Alrighty, then. That was special, wasn’t it?

9 thoughts on “I’ll rip your piece off

  1. geeky

    yeah dude, i felt the same way. i posted about it last night. the finale SUCKED. i wanted Kelly to win, but that being said, i didn’t love him like i loved Bill from last season. meh. this whole season was a disappointment.

  2. Sarcastic Journalist

    i thought the finale was the worst episode. i’m all “shut up regis, let’s watch donald make a decision.”
    and what is up with the “you had a broken chair for me” thing? Donald Trump is annoying. His girlfriend is ugly and anyone who has gold sinks in their bathroom needs help.
    But I still like the apprentice. Speaking of crap. I need to take one.

  3. Sara

    did you see one of the CEO’s who was supposed to give his opinion totally go blank after he poured the haterade on Jen? It made me feel all tingly inside knowing that even big ass name CEO’s fuck up (like me all the damn time) in front of big crowds. Poor dude. Yeah, poor millionaire get all you want EVER dude.
    jen sucks. but i *almost* considered making out with her because of how kick ass she is under high pressure situations. she’s still a ho, though…i’m over her.

  4. liz

    I agree, The Donald took it too far this time… but am I surprised? Not in the least. Kelly was alright. I think Raj should have won, personally.

  5. stinkerbelle

    this whole season of the apprentice was the biggest disappointment. i don’t even know why i watched. personally i think sandy would have been better than either kelly or jen.
    but who in their right mind would want to work for donald trump anyway? he’s rude, disrespectful and has bad taste.

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