Don’t tell me to shutup!

I talk. A lot.

And when I say a lot, I mean “I never shutup”. Melly knows this, she’s even done the hand gesture thing to me, you know, the one where you mimic someone who talks a lot, the “Blahblahblah” gesture? I know it’s irritating, but I can’t stop myself. I mean, I could, I guess, but I just have so much to say! Why do you think I have A BLOG? Do you think people in my real life want to listen to me talk about shit that doesn’t matter?
Anyway… there is a scenario that plays out in my head from time to time when I’m talking to someone and I KNOW I’m talking too much. It goes like this.
I’m talking. Talking, talking, talking. At first, the person is listening, but then they tune me out and I KNOW they’ve tuned me out, and as much as I know I should? I can’t stop talking. So, I’m standing there “blahblahblahblah” and all of a sudden I fall over. So, it’s like, I’m all “Yeah, so, I hate James Earl Jones because his fucking Verizon commercials are all ‘why don’t YOU get DSL from Verizon’ and I’m all “Because it’s not available in my AREA MOTHER FUCKER!” *THUD*
I just hit the floor. Out cold. And when I wake up, I’m all alone and I wonder “Did I talk myself to death? Or did someone hit me on the back of my head to make me shut the hell up? OR WHAT?”
It’s like my mind is telling me “STOP, PEOPLE ARE SICK OF HEARING YOUR VOICE, JUST STOP!”
I was telling this to Tony last night and I asked him if I got on HIS nerves by talking too much while we’re watching TV. “Well, I’m USED TO IT”
“Used to it!?” Excuuuuse me, I won’t talk to you anymore then!”
His response?

14 thoughts on “Don’t tell me to shutup!

  1. y

    but Mikey, he keeps making me feel bad because I don’t have verizon DSL, but they don’t have it in my area. Why is he keeping THAT from the public? Instead, he’s all “She gets it. He gets it. WHY DON’T YOU GET IT?”
    Like, I’m some piece of crap because I don’t have verizon DSL, but even if I wanted it, I CAN’T GET IT. And it’s not like I live in the mother fucking boondocks!?
    Gah, he just pisses me off with those commercials.

  2. NinaKaye

    I feel the same way. I know I annoy people ’cause I’m constantly talking, but my days are spent with a 2 year old and a 5 year old. I need to talk to grown ups. So, when I’m with adults, I’m all blahblahblahblahblahblah. I think, “I bet they’re tired of listening to me, but I don’t care, I’m going to keep on talking!!”
    I guess people will tell me to shut up when they’re tired of it.

  3. melly

    What did I say to you that afternoon that you were singing in the bathroom? I can’t remember, but I remember it was funny– that you totally didn’t give a shit and kept on singing anyways.

  4. y

    Well, it was in the car when you told me to stop singing. At the house, you did “The Gesture” and said “blahblahblah, you talk alot” And I said “FINE! I WON’T TALK ANYMORE!” And then I wouldn’t answer any of your questions for like, 3 minutes.
    In the car, you said “Uh, would you get pissed if I asked you to stop singing”
    And I said “I won’t get pissed, but I’m NOT GOING TO STOP SINGING! I CAN SING IF I WANT TO”
    Why everyone gosta try to shut me up?

  5. melly

    She does have a beautiful voice. Unless she’s singing r&b off of the radio, and then it’s different. Not bad, but very different.
    And it was at the house! Not in the car. Or maybe I said something in the car too.
    I also asked if we could listen to a different radio station for awhile, and you weren’t having it. I don’t blame you. I’m very much about “my car, my rules, my music”.

  6. Arianne

    ha! so true so true. I talk too much in emails too. When I’m typing I’m thinking that the person who will get this novel/email has either stopped reading or is wishing i would get to the point.
    Almost all of my blog posts are long too. I just noticed this. When I mentioned it to the Hubs he said “why do you think I wait till I’m in the john to read your blog?”

  7. tricialicious

    Hey girlie,
    You know that I call you just so I can talk to you. You are very fun to talk to and just to let you know, you can get Verizon DSL now because I have it. Oh yeah and I think James Earl Jones is sexy…I love that voice!
    Love ya

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