Don't ask me why I turned this into ONE BIG FART JOKE, because I really don't know why.

I bought Gabby a santa hat for her Christmas pictures and can I just tell show you how much she LOVES IT? Why, of course I can! It’s MY blog!
I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…”

I freaking LOVE IT when you sing The Good Ship Lollipop. Hit me baby one more time!

Baby got Rolls


Smell it yet?

ANYTHING? Oh, you just wait. Wooo

You smell it now, don’t you! AAAAAAHHHH YEAAAAAHHHH. That was some good stuff, no?

32 thoughts on “Don't ask me why I turned this into ONE BIG FART JOKE, because I really don't know why.

  1. Chasmyn

    Adorable! I love the progression of photos and the captions! You ought to make a mini photo book our of those :) And send them our as your christmas gift to people!! LOL!

  2. dana michelle

    That little girl is fixing to break off the needle on the cuteness meter. The top picture is perfect (looks nearly professional.) Definitely need to pass that one along to everyone you know.
    Actually, you could probably just stand on the street corner and hand them out to strangers. Who would refuse something that precious?

  3. NinaKaye

    You have got to stop with the baby pictures! They’re so damn cute my body’s saying “have another one! have another one!” And I don’t want to, but I just don’t know how long I’ll be able to resist the lure of the cuteness shown here!!! Those little fat rolls are just too precious!!!

  4. geeky

    she is soooooo cute! of course, you do realize she will ultimately find this even MORE embarassing than showing her boyfriend the naked baby photos?

  5. Mari

    OMG! HOW FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!! She is just the cutest thing, but you know that already! I love baby rolls, my son has them and I can’t stop wishin they would get bigger and better.
    God bless her!
    THanks for the note!

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