There was a reason I asked you to tell me what you thought when you looked at country mouse.
The reason? I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one who thought country mouse had boobies. To see if anyone else thought it was weird that Ethan got a “star” for his efforts, rather than a good “talkin’ to”.
Alright, my fellow perverts, country mouse is NOT exposing her boobs. To quote Ethan…
“You’re SICK, mom, those are OVERALLS!”
Get it? Because HE’S from the country?

15 thoughts on “pervs

  1. Macca

    Ethan, you get a “check minus”.
    Perhaps he has stumbled upon something in the fashion world though… “mammoralls”… I like it.

  2. dazed

    OH no he di’unt…OVERALLS? OF COURSE! Shit, here I was trying to tuck my boobs into my pants all day long…
    Funniest picture ever. =)

  3. Caitlin

    Riiight. This year at my county fair, the kindergarten classes had to paint “pigs” as their subjects. The most hilarious one looked like a pig sitting in dirt, but if you looked carefully, the “dirt” was actually a trail of poo coming out of the pig’s bum. How these things escape teachers, I do not know. Or maybe they do see this stuff and give it good grades for a laugh? Who knows. I wish I’d found the parents of the kid and offered them some hard cash for that priceless work of art!

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