Dude, where’s my card?

Fourteen years ago today, I married that sexy hunk o’man right thurrrr. I was only 19 years old. I had no idea what was in store for me, nor was I aware of HOW BIG his GLASSES really were, because I was too blinded by the “L” word. All I knew was that I was completely in love with him and I wanted to grow old with him.
In these past 14 years, we’ve made love like crazy, made THREE beautiful children, fought about money, meat, toilet paper, broken ovens, toe nails clippings, laundry, his mom, his need to mention “he has a tubesteak for me” every five minutes, bills, my sloppiness, etc, we’ve seen movies together, comforted each other, sang to each other, rubbed each others back and various other body parts, supported each other, let each other down, picked each other right back up. We’ve been through so much together and through it all, we’ve never stopped loving each other. Sure, there were times we COULDN’T STAND EACH OTHER. Times where we’ve questioned our love, but it’s always been there.
We’re not a perfect couple, not even close, but the thing I love about us? We don’t GIVE A SHIT about perfect. We likes keepin’ it real, yo.
Happy Anniversary, you big dorky Pig Hunter.
Te Amo, Mi amor.

31 thoughts on “Dude, where’s my card?

  1. Kathy Howe

    You give me hope that love really is possible! Every time I want to be pissed off and bitter about my stupid ex and the failure of our marriage I try to remind myself that there are people like you who STICK TOGETHER no matter what.

  2. Darleen

    Happy Anniversary!!
    My mom was 19 when she married my dad (that fact startles my daughters)… they celebrated their 53rd anniversary earlier this year.
    I wanna see you and your hunky hubby beat that record (and from what I’m reading, you’ve found the secret and will make it!)

  3. Jeremy

    The wonderful thing about the “Perfect Couple” is there is no such thing. Every person that is in a relationship drives the other one nuts I don’t care who you are :)
    Happy anniversary Yvonne :)))

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