Thank you

Can somebody in Arizona please hand Bush a hankie so he can wipe that lil bit o’spit out of the corner of his mouth so I can WATCH the damn debates without gagging? Please?

11 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. nunya

    as much as I hate Bush, again, there we go with focusing on total irrelevant BULLSHIT. Instead of focusing on his spittle, why not focus on what the man is saying?
    “Oh snaps sista, I ain’t votin’ for that man because he uses botox” or “That Bush jus ‘ aint da bobm girl because he ahd spti on da side of his mouth…”
    give me a break.

  2. yvonne

    Who the fuck talks like that?
    Nunya, I LOVE how easily I can bait you into getting your panties in a wad.
    You’re so easy, man.

  3. yvonne

    Oh and here’s an idea… why don’t you set up your own blog so you can write what you want to write instead of coming over here ALL THE DAMN TIME telling me what to write? It’s FREE and it’s EASY and Hell, I’ll even help you set it up.
    And not just because you’re getting on my nerves, honest.

  4. Andy

    I’m sorry to see you’re down. Is it form comment spam? Hopefully you can get it cleaned up easily enough with MT Blacklist…

  5. Cyn

    I hope you won’t let nunya stop you from Blogging, Yvonne. I love your blog and your writing. It’s so damn fun.
    Nunya needs to set up a blog so we can go there and harrass her like she does you. I suspect it’s the same person as before.

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