Special Sauce!!!

Joe likes to make me special things that make me laugh til I pee pee. I had to share his latest creation…

special sauce.jpg
Had he allowed me to put the words in the bubble, I most certainly would have went with potty humor.
“So anyways, I was downing some titty milk last night when I hear a familiar noise and I’m like ‘woah, who stepped on a duck’…”
Or something like that. SHUTUP. I never said I was a comedy writer.

26 thoughts on “Special Sauce!!!

  1. Lucky

    Speaking of hysterical pictures, I HAVE to share this one :) Heeee!!
    *hopes this posts right as I am new to these kinds of blogs*
    If not….dont shoot me!

  2. Joe

    I wanted to go with potty humor but then again it’s a newborn infant and I didn’t want to piss you off, your more than welcome to revise it.

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