The best audience!

Gabby thinks it’s HILARIOUS when I dance. I’ll put her in her swing, turn on some music and lose my mind on the “dance floor”. She smiles, laughs and even squeals out of excitement. That only encourages me to go crazy, because I loves me some attention. The only thing keeping me from throwin’ down on the ground and doing the worm is the fear that my uterus still isn’t ready for that and I might begin to bleed to death.
I can’t figure out exactly what it is about my dancing that she finds so funny, but I’m thinking that there isn’t a human being that wouldn’t find E cup boobs bouncing up and down, barely missing slapping my face and knocking me out HILARIOUS. Or, it could be the way my ass jiggles when I “drop down and get my eagle on, girrrrl” Ok, I don’t get my eagle on front of my daughter, I just said that for the shock value.
As I’m writing this, it’s hitting me HARD that I think I may need TO GET OUT MORE. I mean, I’m starting to PERFORM FOR MY 2 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER and kind of taking it seriously, even if she IS laughing at me.
Yeah, I need some adult interaction, STAT.

10 thoughts on “The best audience!

  1. kim

    yeah.. that’s what i was wondering. but when something like this happens i think it’s because i’m german and i just don’t know from lack of…vocabulary? growing up in the US?

  2. y

    what nelly is referring to is the spread eagle position. the dance for the “get your eagle on” song requires a female to get low and spread her legs as wide as she can.
    “drop down and get yo’ spread eagle on biatch!”
    “hey hoe, get on yo’ back and get your eagle on”
    -the urban dictionary

  3. ben

    I’m picturing Gabby with a roll of singles, yelling “Yo, Mama, shake it, baby!”
    And I don’t care what you say, I bet it’s kinda hot…

  4. Tracy

    Well, I can’t believe that you’re JUST discovering it now, but in my *10* years of parenting experience (heh!), I’ve found that I’ve been performing for my child in one way or another ever since she was younger than Gabby – either to make her laugh, get her to stop crying or being whiney, or now that she’s older, to embarass the heck out of her! Maybe it’s just a mother/daughter thing, because come to think of it, my mom used to dance/sing strangely to entertain me as well.
    Maybe my mom and I needed to get out more too!

  5. sarcastic journalist

    Y, you’re not alone. We do that at our house, too. Must be these E cup boobs slapping me in the face that she finds funny. I’d also like to know why my boobie is funny in general, but that is a whole nother story.

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