My balls don’t dance they just fill up my pants

Why in the hell didn’t anyone tell me it wasn’t “EDDIE are you ok?” (Well, Melly told me, but that was just last week and I’ve been singing it that way my ENTIRE LIFE!)
And who in the hell is Annie anyway? Not that I knew who Eddie was, but still…
Surely, I can’t be the only one who has thought that all of these years.

14 thoughts on “My balls don’t dance they just fill up my pants

  1. Joe

    That’s a fucking hoot!! Eddy was actually a nine year old boy who used to cut the grass. Now he hangs out in Gay bars dressed up like a german lady. He has this thing for electrical appliances.

  2. NinaKaye

    I always thought it was “Annie are you walking?” like ginger. I never knew the difference until the Alien Ant Farm remake came out. Even then I was mad becaues I thought they changed it. heh

  3. Alex

    I am excited to have found you via BlogExplosion…I used to read you via Mikey, and then you up and then *poof* you were gone! Yippee!

  4. BOBBI

    Ha Ha Ha.. That is funny Y! I was so happy to find you again! Was not sure where you went! Thanks for the e-mail back! I was missing you making me laugh!!!

  5. The Zero Boss

    I always thought it was Annie, even though I had no f’ing clue who the hell Annie was, why she might not be okay, or what a smooth criminal would have against women named “Annie”.

  6. Eden

    Hahahah! My balls don’t dance, they just fill up my pants? I actually thought it was “My ni**as don’t dance, they just pull up their pants” -because they bleep out the balls, so I assumed he was talking about his homies. Do’h!

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