if she only knew

Everyone woke up very sad and worried this morning.
Everyone except Gabby. Because Gabby doesn’t have a clue that today is the day she will be stuck with THREE needles.
Today, Special Sauce gets her first round of vaccinations.
Tony almost cried before he left for work. He doesn’t want his little “la la” to feel pain. The boys don’t want to go with me to the appointment because they don’t want to hear her cry.
The saddest thing to all of us is that she’s so oblivious to it all. She’s smiling and talking and laughing. And she’ll probably be doing that as they stick the needles in her. And then she’ll scream and look at me like “MOM, HOW COULD YOU LET THAT EVIL WOMAN DO THAT TO ME? You are supposed to PROTECT ME FROM PAIN, NOT WILLINGLY OFFER ME UP FOR IT.”
And after it’s done? After she’s had the shots? I’ll worry and wait for some horrible reaction. I won’t be able to sleep tonight wondering if she’ll get a fever, or have a siezure.
Damn, I forgot how much I hate this part of the baby experience.
My poor, sweet Gabby.

12 thoughts on “if she only knew

  1. Xdm

    I may stop reading this blog because you are writing all of the posts that I don’t get around to. :) Little Man had his on Monday and was a champ. It was so awful watching those needles sink into his fat baby thighs. What was worse was the delayed reaction as he processed, and THEN the wail. They let me nurse for a few minutes in the exam room right after and it calmed him down tremendously.

  2. Lucky

    *hugs* I take Claire in for hers tomorrow *shudder* Its been nearly 6 years since I’ve had to watch this happen to one of my children, I’m not looking forward to it :(

  3. ben

    …and then they grow up so fast. My son (six years old) had to have blood drawn for some tests not too long ago. Not only did he walk into the vampire’s nest using his own legs and everything, he held his arm out and watched them stick the needle in and never uttered a sound.
    Meanwhile, they just about had to pick his brave old dad up off the floor.

  4. mieke

    I had the same apprehension, so I waited another month until Gabo had a little bit of fat on his body. I make really really skinny babies- even though they nurse me into the ground. Both boys were and are in the 5th percentile, too little at two months to get those big ol’ shots. I asked my pediatrician if she felt ok waiting a month and she was totally fine with it. The nurse who gave them was terrific, but it was still too agonizing to watch. Thank God for the power of nursing- right after they were done, I whipped out a boob and he chilled right out.

  5. Canadian Lauren

    Aww, my little one gets her 6 month needle tomorrow. Good luck! I do the same as the above commenter, I nurse her right after she gets her immunizations and it calms her down immediately.

  6. Jenn

    Poor Mommy. Poor Gabby.
    On that note, I have to go into the hospital frequently, and my mom STILL can’t watch when they put in my IV. And I’ve been doing this for 24 years…lol

  7. Snidget

    I hated that first visit with the shots. Their little faces are a mixture of horror and shock when they realize they are being stuck. Poor little gabby.

  8. Rae

    I remember sobbing my heart out for first shots with my two oldest (both boys) but I laughed my ass off when my daughter had them done. She was fast asleep until the second needle went in (she slept through the first one, no bullshit), and then her eyes flew open and her ‘good’ arm shot out and clocked the doctor upside the head! Heh.

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