I have to fight the urge to SQUEEZE HER REALLY HARD

My daughter has SO much hair I can NOT resist the urge to brush it funny and make it all fluffy because it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. EVER.


And it’s even funnier when she’s cross eyed. AGAIN!
You’d think she’d hate me for doing it, but SHE LOVES IT.


Would she be smiling like that if she DIDN’T like it? I don’t think she would be.

16 thoughts on “I have to fight the urge to SQUEEZE HER REALLY HARD

  1. shy me

    holy hair!
    i too must resist the urge to squeeze my niece really really hard. but she looks bald next to your lovely Gabby!

  2. melly

    You know, maybe this explains the whole cross-eyed sociology classmate thing. Gabby does it, and therefore, it has to be cute.

  3. jen

    I do NOT understand how you deal. OMG..
    She is the cutest lil girl. How is it that you have NOT slathered her in BBQ sauce and devoured her??
    LOL Shylah has the right idea!
    My God Yvonne…she is gorgeous…. You need to give her a shampoo mohawk next time you give her a bath LMAO…and take pictures!!! You and Tony make BEAUTIFUL babies…

  4. Rori

    My gosh, she gets cuter and cuter. I do have to admit I adore the cross eyed pics. It’s Like “Mamma, what are you DOING now?”

  5. Talia

    SO CUTE!!!! Thanks again for another giggle and smile. I LOVE seeing these photos. And the hair is outrageously cute! :) I can’t wait to see what you do with it as it gets longer.

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