I heard Ethan’s bus coming down the street, so I thought I’d run out, hide behind the tree and scare him when he walked by. I waited, only to hear him yell “Mom, quit trying to hide! I can see you!”
I was confused. “How can he see me?” I thought, “I’m BEHIND THE TREE”
Then it hit me…

Sometimes I get caught up in the moment and I forget I’m still very FAT.
At least I can laugh about it.

22 thoughts on “DUH!

  1. Cathy

    I’m glad I finally got “unshy” enough to email you and find out where you’d gone. I can’t go a day without my Yvonne fix. You rock and the new site looks GREAT! :)

  2. Joelle

    dude, if your ass looked like that you wouldn’t have been able to hump the yellow umbrella. And I SAW YOU hump the yellow umbrella. Don’t front, playa… or some such nonsense. :)

  3. laura

    holy crap….that’s TOO funny! And I doubt your thighs are that big…com’on now girl! Perhaps some other kid on the bus saw you and they ratted you out to your son?

  4. Crystal

    Thanks for sending me your site info! I’m so happy to be reading your awesome site again! That picture is hilarious though! I know you were over exaggerating….

  5. Lisa

    Heehee!! That’s too funny. And I bet it’s not a true-to-life drawing, either. Glad I caught up with you, woman – I’ve missed you.

  6. Caitlin

    I love Paint. I used to use it to draw pictures of my bosses after really bad days at work.
    I can’t believe I just sat here reading Cathy’s comment and trying to figure out what the hell “unshy” meant. I was literally sounding out “uhhhn-sheee” and trying to think of what sort of adjective that was. There’s a duh moment for you.

  7. Sara

    I don’t know whether to laugh harder at your mad art skills or the fact that you hide behind trees to scare your son.
    p.s. I can’t stop writing things in quotes now due to your earlier “entry”. I’m like Joey on Friends where he keeps using “them” in the wrong place.

  8. Paije

    You are so damn funny! I am so happy to be able to peek into your life. Thanks for the link to the new site!

  9. Talia

    The comments are almost as hilarious as the entry this time. All this talk about hiding behind a tree to scare Ethan + “unsheee”, “duh” and “doyeee” has me cracking up! Geez people, I’m trying to study! Quit being so funny!

  10. Chelle

    Where’d you get that picture of my lower-half?
    You aren’t the only one who can’t hide behind a tree. Damn skinny trees.

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