Beat THIS.

Ethan had some exciting news for me this morning.
“Mom, I’ve decided I’m going to make you happy and be in the talent show this year!”
He’s right. That makes me very happy. I’ve tried every year to talk my boys into participating in the talent show. And every year, I get a big, fat “NO WAY, MOM!”
I was ALWAYS in talent shows because I was the biggest ham you’ll ever meet. Hard to believe, I KNOW! I thought my kids would take after me and continue the tradition of their mom and voluntarily make fools of themselves in the name of “entertainment.”
But no such luck.
Until now.
“So, what are you going to do in the talent show, sweetie?”
I figured he’d say dance, because, let me tell you, Ethan can DANCE. Ok, he dances like a male stripper gone bad, but it’s HILARIOUS.
“I’m going to beatbox“.
Being the supportive mother that I am, I responded with a big ol’ “That’s AWESOME, Ethan!”
“Wanna hear it?”
“BRING IT, Ethan!”
And BRING IT he did. (edited version, because the original version is about THIRTY SEVEN minutes, and I’m only exaggerating a little!)
Can you even begin to imagine the PRIDE I am going to feel while I’m sitting there and my son is “bringing IT” to the entire school? And hell yeah, I’m going to get up and “shake it fast” to show my support. Check this… I just might lose control and break out into The Worm halfway through.
Because I’ll be that proud.

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  1. girl

    your kids always crack me up. I love when you post stuff like this. I think my favorite though is the “Rock Your Body” rendition. that shit’s CLASSIC.

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