You don’t OWN me (SHE does)

You see that sweet, chubby little girl right there? The one with the adorable smirk on her face?
That little girl is The Boss of Me
She is The Boss of my boobies. They no longer belong to me. Nor do they belong to the previous owner (Tony). No, they are all hers and I must whip them out at her command.
She is The Boss of when I eat. If I just served a nice, hot bowl of soup and she wants the boobies that she is the boss of, all she has to do is let out a little cry and I must abandon the bowl of soup so she can feed her first.
She is The Boss of when and if I may pee. If she’s hungry and I have to go, I must hold it to feed The Boss first. If she’s tired and I have to go, I must hold it and rock her to sleep first. She’s also the boss of when I can go #’s 2-5. Holding that aint easy, either, let me tell YOU.
She’s also The Boss of when and if I sleep at night. I thanked her today because she’s been sleeping most of the night for the past 3 nights, but I know that she can change her mind anytime.
I fear The Boss.
I respect The Boss.
But mostly, I love The Boss. She’s the best “Boss of Me” I’ve ever had, even if she does throw up on me 19 times a day.
She’s also the cutest, most beautiful, sweetest boss I’ve ever had. I GLADLY work for her for free, in fact, it’s a priveledge.

22 thoughts on “You don’t OWN me (SHE does)

  1. Joelle

    Dude. She’s a CHUB! I’m gonna eat her, I swear. I will start with her feet and then her cheeks and then her little arms… ah!!! cute as hell.

  2. Louise

    She’s gonna be SOOOOOOOO pissed at you when she’s fifteen! Posting topless pics of her 😉
    What I wouldn’t do for a “boss” like her.

  3. lee

    No joke, I just started giggling, alone at my desk, at the incredible cuteness of those photos. Oh my God, that is one adorable kid you have there.

  4. Jaime

    Sorry but I had to say that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I used to fear a boss like that too! I still fear her wrath every now and then though I’ve been working under her for 4 years now!

  5. susanne

    Ssssssss Yvonne, boss or no boss, no one can say NO to a cute lil girly like she is !! *keep smiling*

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