Just… NO.

Let’s play a game. I’ll ask you a question and give you multiple choice answers. Can you guess the correct answer?
What question should you never EVER ask your wife who’s been home all day taking care of your newborn baby and your 2 boys AND trying to take care of EVERYTHING ELSE?
A) How was your day, my QUEEN?
B) Did you lose more weight?
C) Can I rub your feet?
D) What did you DO all day?????
E) Would you like me to go to Starbucks for you?

15 thoughts on “Just… NO.

  1. Amy

    OMG He didn’t!!! I think my husband asked that once, and only once. It was a bit of a reference to the state of the house. I told him I was a SAHM, not the housekeeper. One job during the day is enough, we can share the housekeeping in the evenings and on weekends.


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