Ethan’s school is having their first fundraiser right now. He’s very excited about it and he’s trying very hard to be the top seller in the school. He has gone door to door in the neighborhood, hit up family and friends and has only sold 17 items. I did a little research and found at that people can order from the online catalog and Ethan will get credit for those orders.
SO… I figured I’d use this site to see if I can’t help make ma’ boy the top seller this year so he can win the top prize (which is the “dance dance revolution” game. HA!)
IF you’d be interested in buying something, leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll send you the information.
Or not. Either way, he can’t say mommy didn’t try to help.

24 thoughts on “BIG PIMPIN’

  1. Tracy

    Kelsey’s fundraiser just ended – and she sold NOTHING except what my mom, sis-in-law, and I bought from her. It’s completely different than last year. Last year people bought a lot from her, so she really had her hopes up about it.
    And now *I* have to spend $80 on junk I don’t want just so she could “earn” a “prize”. {sigh}

  2. Jen from Canada

    I read your blog everyday, and absolutly think your children are precious. I would love to help lil Ethan out.

  3. Margie

    HHHEEELLLOOO did someone say fundraiser… I’m a sucker for that stuff…. being a school teacher myself… I’m always asked by my students but ours (fundraiser)doesn’t start for another month so…. i definitely need my findraiser fix before then! :) Send me the info!

  4. JODI

    please send me the info…the kids will be excited to help other kids…since we live in the boonies and their little fundraisers kinds suck!
    send it on over!
    PS…you guys aree beautiful!

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