And you can’t have her!

We finally recieved Gabby’s first portraits last night. They were taken when she was 11 days old.
They define the word “Precious”.
I can’t stop looking at them and repeating out loud, “That beautiful girl is MY daughter.”
I wasn’t supposed to have a daughter. I was the mother of two handsome, intelligent, hilarious boys. They were my everything and we weren’t going to have any more children because we didn’t need anymore children. We had everything we ever wanted in our boys.
Family and friends would constantly ask us if were were going to “try for a girl.”
“No.” I would firmly respond to their inquiries. We will not try for a girl. We have two healthy, amazing boys and they are all we need.
I would also tell people that I didn’t think I could be a good mother to a girl. I didn’t have a good relationship with my mother growing up, she resented me and was always angry with me. I was afraid I’d be that way with my daughter.
Besides, two kids was ENOUGH. I couldn’t even imagine a third child in our house.
Little did we know… God had other plans for our lives. He knew that we needed a little girl, even though we didn’t realise it.
So I look at these pictures and I am in awe of the beautiful child that I see. The little girl with a face so sweet it melts my heart.
And she’s mine. She belongs to me.
And I love her. Oh, how I love her.

27 thoughts on “And you can’t have her!

  1. Lisa

    Oh Yvonne!! Those are beautiful portraits of a beautiful little girl. Precious is right! My heart is in my throat after seeing this entry. :)

  2. Jen

    You are seriously messing with my head. I have three fantastic boys and I am DONE, but I’m starting to feel really left out here.
    I want one.

  3. mcbk

    Seriously, Yvonne … she’s beautiful. All these bloggers having beautiful babies lately … can it be coined a “Blogger Baby Boom”?
    I think I just did …. 😉

  4. zoe

    oh yay! you got her portraits taken at the studio where I work (Well, the same company) sooooo cute!!! I was hoping you would go there, because it’s the best! I hope they gave you a free picture for her newborn pics, I would have! she’s so precious!

  5. vanessa

    awwwww!! she is soooo cute! so cute that i want to cry! i look at pictures of my baby, and i want to cry! she is just so peaceful looking! a lot of babies look crumpled from crying, or something. and they look uncomfortable! my baby didn’t look uncomfortable or crumpled, and neither does gabby!!! how beautiful!

  6. Lucky

    Hola :) We have a wonderful mutual friend in Rori, she’s responsible for showing me your blog, which I’ve been reading/following for the last month or so. You see, I had my own lil “pumpkin pie” on Aug 2nd :) Her name is Claire Elizabeth (that was day 1 at the hospital up here in Sacramento)
    I cannot tell you how much reading this blog of yours has meant to me in the last few weeks. You see, I have two older kids as well *Haley 10, Thomas 6* from a previous marriage, and when I had Claire and I was soooo unprepared, as much as I thought I WAS prepared. Everything from the late nights, breastfeeding pains/trials, Power-Poo’s, crankyness, lack of sleep/meals *for Mama*. I guess I just had selecitively forgotten all the “bad” parts LOL! The joys however outweigh them a million fold! When you look at a face like this: 1 Month, how can it not?
    Your stories/bogging have soothed me, and reminded me that I’m not alone, not odd, and certainly not broken! When I have days where NOTHING gets done, or when EVERYTHING seems insane…I can remember that a few hours south, there’s a lady who’s walking the same shoes! I’ve never had the pleasure of having a “real life” friend that had an infant the same age as mine, so being able to ready whats going on with you and Gabby (such as the breakfast entry…OMG I can relate!!!! *points to stack of shirts that are no longer fit for public viewing*) is a wonderful thing indeed!
    I don’t have a blog like this, like you and Rori, I have one at Live Journal which is friends only. If you have a journal there, I would love to add you!
    I suppose I better stop rambling….I think I will try to find the coffeepot before the Princess of Poo awakes and demands service…cuz you see…I fear The Boss too…but love the benefits package… 😉
    *hugs from “Up North”*
    The Boss of Me

  7. goop

    my first post from singapore and just wanna tell u that u have a very sweet adorable daughter. makes me wanna have one! (i’m only 20!!!) i hope you don’t mind that i stole that pic and put it as my wallpaper… if u’re not comfortable with that, do let me know, i’ll just enjoy it from :)

  8. kylie

    Yvonne, all three of your children are beautiful and healthy! You are truly blessed! What a good looking family!

  9. Lisa

    She is quite beautiful! As a mother of a daughter, you’ll see that this is a perfect chance to turn all those feelings about mother-daughter relationships upside-down.
    Wonderful pictures!

  10. Kel

    She is truly beautiful!! Such pretty hair and looks quiet a bit like her mother.
    When I stopped by here, a few days ago, my son (who is 9) saw your picture and says “WHO is THAT?” I answered with your name and he said “WOW , she is really pretty mom”!! I know he is just 9, but trust me he is girl crazy already and he knows pretty ;c)

  11. Rebecca

    Such beuatiful pictures, they will be with you for ever even when she is grown and had children of her own. My mum went through all my baby stuff yesterday, i think she was feeling a bt sentimental! Be proud of your beautiful children Yvonne!

  12. robyn

    My uterus just officially panged. She is SO beautiful! Have I told you that enough lately?
    And I need to apologize, because in all this hurricane mess I somehow missed a birthday. So a VERY (belated) happy one to you!

  13. Talia

    Awww! Those portraits bring tears to my eyes. She is just so beautiful Yvonne!
    And on another note…Mommy’s Special Sauce? Hahaha! You are so silly! :)

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