One of the many reasons I used to say I didn’t want any more children was because of how easy life had become now that my boys are no longer in the baby/toddler stages of their life. No more diaper changes, or bottles. And the days of “potential diaster or embarassing moments” (Like the time I took them to the mall and Ethan saw the naked mannequin.) are pretty much a thing of the past. (Except for the occassional moments of “loud enough for half of the store to hear” comments they make, like yesterday at Target when Ethan was pushing the stroller, bumped into my ass and said “Phew! Good thing you have a really big, wiggly butt, mom, or else that would have HURT.”)
I loved how I could just get up and go and me and my boys would actually enjoy our time out together.
Lord, I forgot just how hard it is taking a baby out.
I’m lucky because Gabby is a very calm, peaceful baby. She doesn’t cry at all while we’re out.
But, DAMN does that girl shit. Every 20 minutes. And she loads that diaper UP. By load that diaper up, I mean it usually ends up all the way up her back, just below her neck, which means I have to change her entire outfit. And everytime I change her, she wants to eat, so I have to find a place to whip out the boobs without offending people or pissing people off. Don’t get me wrong, I totally cover myself with a blanket, but even THAT makes people uncomfortable.
I hope once I ease into this baby thing again, it will get easier because cussing while crying in the parking lot trying to figure out how to work the stroller is starting to get a little embarrassing. Especially since I have to older boys standing there watching me do it. People look at me like “What the hell is wrong with that lady? She has two other kids, she should know how to operate that shit!”
I’m off to the mall again to finish up the shopping, I just hope I don’t lose my mind this time out…

9 thoughts on “STOP STARING AT ME, PEOPLE!

  1. sara

    The great thing about having two older kids is… HAVE THEM LEARN HOW TO WORK THE STROLLER. :) My mom had my brother learn to open the childproof caps because she never could work them. hehe So whenever I needed a children’s tylenol as a kid, she’d call him to open them for her. :)

  2. Lindy

    Hey, just going out is the first step. but i think it’s like riding a bike. u never forget how.. sometimes it just takes a little while to get back into the swing. ur too cute to lose. as for the staring people just picture them naked. then they’ll just think ur crazy while u sit there laughing at them.

  3. Auty

    My youngest is 3-months-old and I still haven’t gone out alone with all 3 of my kids yet. I afraid.
    I think it does get easier. That’s what I’m told.

  4. Hed

    Ha, Mo… Mine did! Sometimes even in her hair! Ha!
    As for the breastfeeding in public, I rarely have issues with anyone, but when I do, I just smile at them. Usually, they just sort of turn their heads, and try and look the other way, or get up and leave, and then I laugh. Also, I don’t know if La Leche League has them in California, but I was able to get a card that I carry in my wallet just in case I need to show it to any waitstaff who wants to kick me out of their establishment, or make me nurse in the restroom. It basically says that it’s perfectly legal to be doing what I’m doing. Haven’t had to use it as of yet, but it’s there if I need it.

  5. stinkerbelle

    hey, if you ever turn that tit on anyone and squirt them don’t forget to have someone take pictures and post them here…………
    unfortunately (or fortunately) i was never able to nurse my son. i just never got milk….
    and, yes, baby poop gets EVERYWHERE, and I mean everywhere…….

  6. Tyme

    I can honestly say the thought of breastfeeding my children in public never crossed my mind. For the short time I breast fed them if I had to go out I pumped the milk and whipped out a bottle when necessary. It’s not a choice I would be comfortable with.
    Where I live there is NO law protecting women for breastfeeding. So if a woman did that it offended someone, the woman has no leg to stand on.

  7. cee

    Oh how I remember those days…. Hey, you should look into the diapers for the “18-24 pounds” … that means it will hold 24 pounds of shit, right?! heh 😉

  8. lex

    Don’t let the boobie haters get to you. Whip ’em out if you have to. I was so over public breastfeeding after month 1 with my daughter. You know who the worst offender was? My mother! “Ay, mija, cover up.” Yeah. A blanket over her head because god forbid somone see some of my boobie flesh! lol!

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