I am quite possible the the world’s worst nickname giver to have ever lived

Gabriella now has a nickname.
As of 3am this morning, I now refer to my daughter as “Special Sauce”. I’ve modified it a little because I do not believe it is humanly possible for me speak proper English when conversing with an almost 3 week old baby (who happens to be the CUTEST BABY EVER!). So, I’ve removed the “S” out of special and call her “Peshial sauce”
She is now officially “Mommy’s Peshial Sauce”.
You think she’ll hate me for that when she’s 13? Because this is no passing fad nickname, this is the real thing.
My God, how I love my lil’ Pechal Sauce. And so do her brothers, Butterball and Monkey Butt! The greatest joy of my life right now is watching them love on her. They can’t get enough of her and I can’t get enough of watching them interact with her. They kiss her, talk to her, rub her feet, change her diaper. They tell her how pretty she is, how precious she is and how much they love her, constantly. It’s absolutely beautiful to watch. All of the fears I had about bringing another child into this family, all of the guilt I had for taking attention away from the boys has vanished. They are overjoyed that she is a part of our family and that makes me very happy.

20 thoughts on “I am quite possible the the world’s worst nickname giver to have ever lived

  1. Chuck

    Well, sorry to say but our daughter is a weeek or so older and is just a tiny bit cuter. though they do look like sisters almost.

  2. Caitlin

    All babies are beautiful. I think this blog needs a nickname. I think we should call it, “Yvonne’s Mushy Corner of Love”, particularly when you have these mushy outpourings about your adorable familiy.

  3. Vickie

    Will she resent it when she’s 13?
    (Mine’s 17. She still has issues when I breathe in the same room as her.)
    Who do you think she favors? I see a lot of Tony’s eyes but I see you in that one picture.

  4. ben

    You think she’ll resent it?
    We call our little girl Fifi. No, not like a dog, it’s short for Fiona. As in Princess Fiona. Cuz she’s really an ogre sometimes.
    (and, yes, we are putting money into a therapy fund, why do you ask?)

  5. mcbk

    Aww … that is too darned funny. I, too, am a nickname giver, and my nicknames catch on and stick, too. Just ask my MiniKitty and my Pagan Jew Little Brother, who just took over my blog for a while. :)

  6. Caitlin

    I wasn’t trying to say that you’re wrong in saying Gabby (or “Special Sauce”) is the cutest, she is cute, I was just trying to soften the blow from Chuck’s announcement that Grace is the cutest. You are both right. Both of your babies are disgustingly adorable. All babies are.

  7. chaos girl

    Awww, that’s cute! She’ll love it. Just like mine still love being called ‘Turkey Bucket’, ‘Stump’, ‘Bubbie’ and ‘GooberGirl’ 😉

  8. empie

    Since I have so many kids we have to give them nick names, half the time i forget the real ones, LOL my daughters nick name is Monkey Butt too…Thats weird! I dont know how we came up with it, it just sounded right for her.
    My son is ET cuz he has a big head,my other son is Bubba Gump because he has a speech problem, and my littlest one has acquired Double P because she poo’s and pee’s all the time,but hey shes only six weeks thats all she’s supposed to do!
    BTW I got everything set up for my blog and there is a couple of posts, so if you want to check it out, I thank you so much for all your help!!!!!

  9. Firebrand

    My kid sis’s nickname is ‘Cola’….short for ‘Nicola’…which is a derivative of her given name, Nicole…
    My nephew’s nickname has grown on me…but I think he’ll HATE it as he gets older…my mother has taken to calling him ‘Dilly’ or ‘Dilly-Poo’…short for Dylan.
    I wonder if my mother ever called me anything crazy like that?!

  10. Firebrand's Desiderata


    Yvonne shared her adorable baber’s new nickname earlier today and it got me to thinkin’….. what other crazy nicknames do people come up with for their kiddos? I don’t know if my parents ever really called me anything other than…

  11. shy me

    my dad still calls me ‘stinker’ or ‘tinkle’ both of which I’m guessing came from his diaper duties.
    heh heh

  12. Poppy

    Aww. Cute, but I was thinking that “special sauce” might have been inspired by one of those tragic middle of the night diaper moments.
    My daughter doesn’t have a nickname. She has an alias. My two best girlfriends and I believe ever woman needs an alias. Therefore, I am mom to ….
    Coco Monqueetoes!

  13. muffetsmom

    Yep, shes pretty damn cute. AND MY GOD, Gasp. SHE looks just like her DADDY in those pictures!!!

  14. Sheri

    Awww…”Peshial Sauce”…I love that nick-name. She’s so adorable that I can hardly stand it!
    My daddy’s nick-name for me was and still *is* “Sweet-pea”. My mother calls me “Sweet-cheeks”. :-))
    They call once a week (we’re very close) and he says every time, “Mornin’ Sweet-pea…how are you?”
    And I will never, ever get tired of it. My parents are fantastic & I think Gabby is going to have that same sort of relationship w/ you & Tony.

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