I wonder which parent she’s gonna take after in "that" department.

I know a certain, little someone who LOVES The Boobie to eat. Very much. And I think it’s starting to show….

(And yes, I totally nibble on her. She’s irresistible.)

27 thoughts on “I wonder which parent she’s gonna take after in "that" department.

  1. GC

    Aww! Look at those cheeks! My favorite parts to nibble on were my kids cheeks, the hands and their feet. And it got funner when they’d react and giggle. God, I miss my kids being babies!

  2. sara

    Dammit, I’m jealous! =] You’re gonna have to start taking way more pictures so that we can all live vicariously through your website. She really is a dear! That hair, those cheeks, those lips and that *adorable* little nose. And when she’s got her eyes open they’re just *so* bright and dark. A lucky lady, you are! She’s precious, she really is.

  3. Sarcastic Journalist

    BOOBIES! BOOBIES! I LOVE TALKING ABOUT BOOBIES!!! she is sooo adorable and chubby!!
    i learned today, while my husband drove us down the houston highway at 80mph with my shirt up and the BOOBIES out, that it is actually quite sweet.
    …don’t ask.

  4. Laura

    She is so cute! This picture of your daughter reminds me of the photo you posted a few weeks ago of your husband sleeping on the couch.

  5. Cat

    She is an absolutely precious little baby, Yvonne. You are so blessed. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  6. Lessa

    OMFG She’s SO ADORABLE! I’d totally nibble too – that some good milk you’re makin there Momma Yvonne! She’s beautimous!

  7. rachel

    Silly question.
    Gabriella’s picture.. on the sidebar .. looks like the hospital one. It says she was born in 2004… if that’s the case quit yer whinin!
    Kidding.. .just thought I’d point that out… now may I nibble on her cheeks please?

  8. melly

    Make sure that you keep a couple of her tiny diapers (um, clean, of course). I have a couple of Mattie’s. I like to compare them to the ones he wears now. I also like to cry a little because he’s not a little baby anymore.

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