I was trying to think of how to put into words just how tired I am. There are no words.
But there’s things one does when this tired that paints a picture without having to use words. Like, when ones upper left ass cheek itches, and they stick their finger up their nose to scratch it.
Now I have a bloody nose and my ass still itches.

11 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Lauren

    *snort* I can sympathize with you there girlie!
    Sleep!! All I wanna do is sleep! =)
    Now I need to wind my butt and scratch my watch…errr switch that =)

  2. ginger

    Here’s hoping you get some rest soon. Sounds like the Mother In Law could come in handy for a few hours!
    We are all thinking of you Yvonne! We love seeing pics of your beautiful new baby girl!

  3. sphinx

    I am so happy, thrilled for you and your family. Congratulations on bringing that pretty little girl into the world! Hang in there. I hope you’re feeling better soon!
    Congrats honey, love you. :)

  4. Lisa

    But oh, so worth it. I know you’re exhausted, but she’s HERE! No more back pain, no more feeling like something bigger than you is stuck in your belly, no more waiting… ahhhhh, mommyhood. :)

  5. rachel

    Well you’re doing better than me after baby 3.
    I wanted to cry.. at the site of the messy house messy kitchen … messy bedroom.. you however are not only BLOGGING but bloghopping… *worship*

  6. melly

    I just brought Matt in here to look at Gabby’s pictures. He smiled and told the baby to go to sleep and that her name is not Gabby. Apparently, her name is “up”.

  7. Kristi

    Congrats!!!! What a darling little daughter you have!
    I’d say this calls for a drink, but it sounds like you’re just too damn tired :)

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