Happy! So happy!

No baby yet, but THAT’S TOTALLY OK WITH ME!

You won’t hear me complaining, oh no. I wouldn’t want to DEPRESS YOU!

So what if I can’t sleep at night! WHO NEEDS SLEEP ANYWAY! Not being able to sleep is AWESOME!

I have been skipping around the house today, not even CARING or WORRYING about when she’ll come because I’M JUST HAPPY TO BE ALIVE!
Just call me chipper, call me perky, call me totally NOT depressing, because I live to MAKE EVERYONE*drew*HAPPY!


30 thoughts on “Happy! So happy!

  1. Genuine

    Dear God:
    If you have ever answered a prayer let it be this one. Please let this baby come now!!!!!!!
    Your follower,

  2. yvonne

    but G! IT’S OK! I don’t care anymore. I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She could come next year and I’d BE HAPPY AND NOT DEPRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. satr

    Oh my *word* those feet look painful! Complain all you want, and allow me to join in on the prayers that Gaby get her tail in gear and get here already!

  4. Tracy

    *sniff sniff*
    What’s that I smell?
    Could it be…sarcasm???
    Screw ’em…especially if those in question do not have the plumbing to carry a baby. Let’s do that to THEIR bodies for 9 months, and find out how freaking positive THEY are.

  5. Hilary

    Well, usually I don’t post here I just read your blog. I don’t have a blog so I guess I don’t feel like I have anything to contribute. But, I just HAD to comment on this enty. You are a fu**ing riot!! I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to hear. But I was loling just reading your entry. My prediction is that baby Gabriella will be here before the weekend is over. Oh, and by the way, put your feet up and ENJOY those men in your life waiting on you!!

  6. Gina

    I was going to tell you to start walking.. and LOTS, but after seeing the picture of your feet, I think you just need to rest and be waited on! Your poor feet. =(

  7. Caitlin

    I love your new pictures! Almost as good, if not better than the quote pictures! Also, why are you still posting the ugly feet picture? Where are the nicely pedicured feet you spoke so highly of? Hm?

  8. Lisa

    Oh, MAN, can you tone it down a notch? I can’t handle all this drippy happy sarcasm. LOL! I’m hoping Gabriella doesn’t make you wait much longer too. Your poor feet. :(

  9. grace

    Oh, how I remember feet like those. Poor, poor piggies. For the last two months of my pregnancy all I could get on my feet was a pair of Peppermint Patty shoes. From the MENS department at Kmart! UGH!
    Get those dogs elevated!

  10. rachel

    Oh my god your poor feet. I’d massage them for you (no I’m not freaky just nice) but I think you live to far away…

  11. James

    Two things:
    1) Jumping jacks (take advantage of gravity, babe!)
    2) Watch the funniest movie ever (in your opinion) … if she won’t come out on her own, laugh her out with a belly-achin laugh!!
    Probably a good thing I’m not a doctor, huh?

  12. Dell

    I talked to Judi last night, and she was asking about you and the baby. I laughed and told her about the nipple rubbing, the “joy” you have been having about her not being here yet, etc! :)

  13. Princess

    Admit it, Drew, she scared you. LOL. You poor, poor wo/man. Walk a mile in her shoes….. and I won’t say anythin’ about the droopin’ cootchie and dem swollen feet even!
    Man, it seems like a scary (painful?) thing to be preggers. Pretty hard to be upbeat and all giddy. *crossing my legs* Uh-uh, baby!

  14. dana michelle

    Poor Yvonne! :(
    Hoping and praying every day that “this” is the day for you. And I thought sure when I came back from vacation that you were going to have pictures of little Gabriella to show us.
    I sure wish I could do something to make you feel less miserable. You need to make Tony rub your poor little feets with some cooling balm while he feeds you frozen grapes!
    Hang in there kiddo, you know that we are all in your corner, pulling for you.

  15. skits

    Well…she IS a girl. It takes us longer to get ready. 😉
    I’m thinking water-breaking thoughts for you, sweetie.

  16. erika

    you make me pee my pants. I love you. sending all sorts of “get your ass out of your mommy’s uterus NOW!” vibes to Gabriella as I write this.

  17. yvonne

    I just never took a picture of it… but dude, you should see my feet right now. MY ANKLES ARE LIKE 3 TIMES THEIR NORMAL SIZE. It freaks me the fuck out.

  18. Jett

    My God, Yvonne, how I love reading you.
    Your effective use of sarcasm both in print and photograph is maaaagic.
    Don’t ever let the magic die.
    (and Grace gets all the points for today because the phrase, ‘Peppermint Patty shoes’ is a WINNAH!)

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