My feet are purring.
I went last night and had a one hour spa pedicure. It was pure heaven.
The vibrating chair. Uh, I want one.
I had her paint my nails pink, of course.
The only thing I didn’t like was that the lady kept talking to me. I didn’t want to talk! I wanted to close my eyes and relax! Eventually, I closed my eyes, and started moaning. That shut her up.

It’s amazing what a little attention to the feet can do for a girl.

9 thoughts on “bzzzzzzzzz

  1. Buzz

    Dang it! I saw the title of this post and I thought you were gonna heap lavishing words of love and affection on me!

  2. ben

    We’ve been known to utilize the washing machine on spin cycle, on occasion.
    (and there’s no WAY I’d let anyone paint my fingernails pink, although I will admit to having my hair french braided once or twice when I was in high school)

  3. Chelle

    Glad to hear your feet are feeling better.
    Now you are definitely ready for Gabriella’s birthday! Hope she comes SOON!

  4. Maggie

    I’m actually surprised that they’d ‘do you’ – up here in BC, there are some sort of bizarre regulations that has caused all the spas to refuse to do pedicures on women more than 6 months pregnant – apparently some foot reflexology points tend to cause women to go into labour, and none of the spas want to be responsible for that – especially at 6 or 7 months.
    So.. if you are able to get a pedicure (including the foot massage and stuff), and you’re itching to get things over with, you might want to schedule daily pedicures to try to induce (and hell, even if it doesn’t put you in labour, you’re getting regular foot massages!)

  5. Mariann

    I thought something was wrong with me when I didn’t want to chat with the masseur or lady handling my facial. Or the hair stylist. A little chit-chat at the beginning, fine… I can handle that, it’s even kinda nice. But once we’re into the massage, I just want to chill. Isn’t that the whole point?
    I drank red raspberry leaf tea, available at Whole Foods, about two weeks before I delivered my son, who was a week early. I, too, have also heard that foot massages help labor begin… my doula told my husband not to rub my feet throughout most of my pregnancy. Something about pressure points. Alas, he’s taken that to heart and never rubs my feet anymore. The bastard.
    Here’s to hoping little Gabby arrives by her due date!

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