This post was inspired by an email I just recieved from my cousin begging me to get an one because "IT’S THE BEST THING EVER!!"

Why is everyone trying to talk me into getting an epidural when I have this baby?
I get it. It takes the pain away. It makes labor easier. I know this, I understand this. I know that I probably suffered unnecessarily with my boys (going through 10 hours of labor without an epidural). However…
I AM TERRIFIED OF NEEDLES. ESPECIALLY NEEDLES THAT GO IN YOUR SPINE. Yes, so terrified, I choose to suffer the pain rather than let someone stick a needle in my back.
I don’t try to talk people into NOT getting an epidural. Why is everyone trying to make me feel like I’m stupid because I chose not to get one? I don’t go around calling people wimps for getting one. I say “good for you!” and “I wish I was as brave as you to let someone stick a NEEDLE IN MY SPINE!” but I’m not. I’m a wimp.
I know people are just concerned and don’t want me to have to go through all of that pain, and I do appreciate it. That said… Leave me alone! Needles are evil and I refuse to let them put one in my back.
Leave me alone! Needles are from satan and I refuse to have one in my spine. NOTHING. I’ve had 2 boys already. I know it hurts like hell, believe me. However, I survived and lived to tell about it.

24 thoughts on “This post was inspired by an email I just recieved from my cousin begging me to get an one because "IT’S THE BEST THING EVER!!"

  1. Greta

    I think you’re incredibly brave for not having a needle stuck in your spine.. SO THERE!

  2. Gary

    Just say NO.
    Remember, it was one prick that got you into this situation…you don’t need another now.

  3. Gina

    I hated HATED my epidural when I had my daughter. So when it was time to have my son, I declined it and didn’t have one thing to ease the pain. I’d do it without an epidural again in a heartbeat.
    Try not to let them get to you. I know it’s easier said than done, sometimes. Let them have their glory in what they think and they do what you think is best for YOU. That is what counts.

  4. tammy

    Do not get an epidural! I had my first one naturally and my second with an epidural. It went fine except for the three days of incredible back ache afterward. For my third child I decided to get another epideral. Well it somehow back fired on me and began to creep up to my chest. If it would have reached my heart it would have killed me. They yanked all the tubes and wouldn’t ya know it they discovered that the baby was too big and I needed a C-Section.
    Oh great! Now I had to go totally under because the epidural had failed and they couldn’t go that route again. As a result I didn’t get to see my son for three hours after birth.
    And know what else? I got a spinal headache from the epidural. It lasted for two weeks! Try taking care of an 11+ pound baby, with a gash across your abdomen, and a head that threatens to explode itself and your back every time you move!
    It was a nightmare! Never, never get an epidural!

  5. C. Lauren

    Do what’s best for you!!!
    I had one with my first and went all natural with my other 2. It’s your body, your choice, not theirs. Believe me, you are going to get alot more (unwanted) advice when your lil girl arrives, doubting every aspect of your parenting….why do people feel the need to do that?
    Good Luck!!

  6. Jenn

    When my best friend got a lung transplant, she had an epidural, and it back fired on her. It fucked up her back, and she still has bad pain from it. That was two years ago. So tell everyone THAT story to get them to shut up.

  7. Bagu-Ong

    Always follow yr heart and say no if you’re against epidural. As for me I couldn’t tolerate pain so I had epidural with my two kids, worked great for me and I have no regrets, nor do I have backpain like some.

  8. butterflies

    There are many dangers associated with epidurals.The last surgery I had was to remove a DVT and they wanted to do it with an epidural..I said FUCK THAT! I did not want to be consious in any way.
    Good luck with the birth Yvonne.Everyhtings gonna be just fine Im sure:)

  9. Stacy

    I admire your balls, Yvonne.
    I’ve never had a baby before, but if and when I do, I want them to give me ANY AND ALL DRUGS AVAILABLE.
    Btw, I just sent you an article you’re going to love. E-mail me back and let me know you got it. 😉

  10. melly

    I had spinal taps when I was little. I’m not afraid of no stinking needles! Except for the ones that go in the roof of your mouth. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  11. NinaKaye

    I had an epidural with my kid. In the weeks after I had her I started watching those shows on TV about giving birth (Birth Story, Baby Story, etc.) and actually saw them giving an epidural. I’m pretty sure if I had seen that before I had her, I wouldn’t have had one just because of the way it looks and all. But, I must say, I enjoyed every minute of my drugs, and can’t think of anything that was bad about it. Of course, it IS up to each individual to choose what she wants at the time…so do just exactly what YOU want to do! As I’m sure you will! :-)

  12. Sheryl

    I’ve never had one but as a nurse I’ve seen quite a few given.
    I just remember what it was like when I had the urge to push though…and I think…hell I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have that urge…could I really push that kid out?
    I say…stick to your guns!

  13. myllissa

    That is so backwords. Usually it is the women who don’t get the epidural bullying the “wimps” who do. I’m deathly affraid of needles myself, but I’m not a big fan of pain. So, when I have kids I don’t know what I’m going to do. Flip a coin I guess. You are my hero for doing it without, so YEA! YOU!!

  14. QC

    That was exactly my reasoning, too. I’m not particularly afraid of needles in general, but I SAW that thing. Nuh-uh. Besides, no way was anyone sticking shit in my spine, and then LEAVING IT THERE. Gah!!
    Any more babies will be had the exact same way…intervention-free. It was awesome. However, I highly recommend that you go out NOW and get a book called “Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way.” The Bradley Method was a lifesaver for me, and has a much higher rate of non-medicated childbirth than Lamaze does. I realize that it’s a bit late in the game, but check it out.

  15. rachael

    You rawk!
    I think it’s wonderful that women have natural childbirth! I tried for that with Eva, and plan on trying for that with the next baby (whever that may be!).
    Good for you! You are the toughest woman out there. 😉

  16. DogsDon'tPurr

    When my mom had me, they gave her an epidural and it went wrong. She started feeling her tongue go numb so she told the nurse. Later, they told her that if she hadn’t said anything, she would have died because the epidural was going the wrong way….they had done it wrong. Now that is SCARY!
    So I think you’re making the right decision!
    Good luck with your baby, Yyvonne……may the whole thing go as quickly and painlessly as possible!
    (And you are naming the baby after me…..right?!)

  17. Terri

    You rock! I made it to 7cm before I got my epidural. If I have another one, my goal is to go all natural. And you given me some inspiration. Good luck!

  18. Dania

    Well I’ll be the first one to say I couldn’t feel my epidural with Karah…and with David that kid came so fast not only did I not have time for an Epi, but the doctor couldn’t even get his gloves on in time and “caught” him 😉
    It wasn’t so bad without it either though because the pain was over. However, having a long labour without an Epi? not sure i could do

  19. Jennifer

    What’s up with people?
    Eh. It doesn’t really matter what your decision is, people will always say you should do the opposite of what you plan on doing. Feck ’em.

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