I wish I had their brain

My neighbors done gone and out did themselves!

I’ve been hearing suspicious noises at night. It sounds like something slamming up against the wooden fence. I figured it was the cannon they like to shoot off at night.

I was wrong.
It’s their latest “we’re drunk, we got no job, we’re high on speed and got nothing better to do” invention.
The sound I hear is that of a potato being shot out of The Potato Launcher they built. ALL BY THEMSELVES!
They’re proud as hell of their invention! And they should be, because not only can you shoot potatoes, you can light rags on fire, launch them, , aim them at your grown son and light his shirt on fire!

Geniuses, I tell you.

14 thoughts on “I wish I had their brain

  1. J.Nel

    Oh shit… Joblessness and drugs seem so fun…

    I mean, Hey! No worries, right?

    Am I missing something with my Social Work Degree and career? Hrmmm… Maybe its time for a lifestyle change.

  2. Susan

    Really, Yvonne. What is that, “Life is more interesting than fiction” quote? I just know there’s no way you could make this shit up!

  3. Dixie

    ok…so yeah we are the proud owners of a potato gun that my husband made…believe me the pride runeth over here lol

  4. kim

    i keep telling my man that there’s more important things in life than a job and all.. do you sometimes have tourists from other countries stroll your streets to take pictures?

  5. Gina

    I had to laugh about the 40 ish person crashing in the RV because our neighbors who are about 60ish have their 40 ish son living in a RV out behind their garage. All last summer it was on the side of their house and it pissed me off that I had to look at that, this summer they moved it way on the other side and you wouldn’t even know it’s there. I wonder what the hell is the deal with 40 year olds running back home to mommy and daddy? Weird.

  6. NinaKaye

    hahaha…when I was about 16 people around here were making those potato launchers. It was cool then, but that was 11 years ago. I’d probably think it was cool if I was young again. heh

  7. ben

    Okay, I’m almost forty. I will NOT go back to live with my folks, even if they had an RV (they don’t) and asked (they won’t).
    But as a longtime hobbyist in the field of Blowing Shit Up, a potato launcher is great fun. For about ten minutes.
    Good luck with your neighbors…

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