Can you spot the HOT COP?

The ordeal is over.

The cops came.
They conquered.
They even had a little fun with the situation.

My favorite thing about that last picture? My Tweaker Neighbor in the background. She just “appears” in places and you don’t even see her coming. I laughed my ass off when I saw that picture.

The cops were great. They had a lot of fun with Ethan about it and didn’t laugh too hard at me. And one of them was so hot, I was almost glad I didn’t wear a bra. Yeah. I said it.
Ah, I love my neighborhood.

27 thoughts on “Can you spot the HOT COP?

  1. tammy

    Oh your poor little boy. This pic of him on the main page just makes you wnat to give him a hug. He looks so sad. I bet it will be a long time until he plays with handcuffs again!

  2. eve

    yes, why is the ice cream man selling handcuffs? Very strange – but funny that he got the stuck on. A lovely story to tell years from now.

  3. Firebrand

    In our yearbooks, parents can include photos of kids from their childhood….one of these pics would definitely be a good candidate! lol
    Does Hot Cop look like Kevin Costner?? Or is it just the angle…?

  4. kim

    hot cop is the one without the mustache, right?
    and is that neighbour the gift-instead-of-saying-sorry neighbour? what ever happened to that issue, btw?
    priceless pictures!

  5. Buzz

    Now THOSE are pictures that will live in infamy!! Fabulous!
    And why the hell IS your ice cream man selling handcuffs? And does he have any fur ones? (Oops, did I type that out loud?)

  6. Lisa

    Oh, man, the poor kid’s face in that last picture. He looks so sad. I guess he’ll never forget having to be rescued from handcuffs.
    I’m still a little worried about your ice cream man, though. Maybe you’d better do some checking into what else he sells.

  7. Caitlin

    At least they were nice about it, thank god. I’d probably start taking the kids to DQ and not to the crazy ice cream man from now on, though.

  8. shaunacat

    LMFAO at the last picture with your ‘tweaker neighbor’ in it. We used to have a neighbor like that, who would just show up in photos…it was like a whacked out ‘Where’s Waldo?’. Your poor baby’s face in the last photo!! And I definetly noticed the hot cop. ;o) I think it’s hilarious that you brought the camera out for the event…priceless!

  9. melly

    I don’t think Ethan looks sad in the last one. I could be wrong, but I think that’s his,”I’m embarrassed so I’m going to be really pissed off and pout for two hours” face.

  10. edie

    Ok seriously… what about the ice cream man? Selling little plastic handcuffs is one thing but handcuffs the cops have to come out to free children from – that doesn’t seem like such a good thing, heh! Did you mention this to the cops?

  11. ben

    Okay, selling the kids handcuffs is one thing (a strange thing, perhaps even perverse, but still)
    I have NEVER seen a pair of handcuffs for sale that didn’t come with not one but TWO keys.
    Perhaps there’s more to this story?

  12. MJ

    That last one is priceless… seriously. The look on Ethans face is one for the books. It’s like a bad episode of Reno 911 and COPS rolled into one!

  13. Talia

    Too cute!!! :)
    And I agree…the ice cream man selling cuffs?
    I’d like a scoop of the chocolate and a set of cuffs, please.

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