But Melly always knew

Yesterday we brought home Gabriella’s crib and we ordered her dresser.
There are just a few more big purchases we still need to make (a swing and a playyard) and a lot of little ones (stocking up on pampers, wipes and onesies), but for the most part, we’re ready for her arrival.
This is all happening so fast.
I’ve never been more miserable, yet so full of joy and excitement at the same time in all of my life. When I was pregnant with my boys, it was a completely different experience. Those pregnancies were very much planned. I remember the night we concieved each boy.
This pregnancy? Not planned. At all. And I wasn’t happy when I found out. I cried and cried and cried some more. We were only supposed to have 2 kids. We were done! But everything’s changed now. We feel like it was meant to be. We never thought we’d have a daughter, and we were ok with that, but now that there’s only 6 weeks left until she’s born, we know in our hearts this was meant to be.
We were supposed to have a little girl, we just didn’t know it.

8 thoughts on “But Melly always knew

  1. Tom

    See she is already screwing you up. We have 3 boys, so I couldn’t understand the experience of having a daughter at least not yet.

  2. kim

    i’m sure she’ll be awesome and superspecial and she most certainly has something important to do on this earth, that’s why she’s coming. and if it’s just driving her big brothers nuts. her task – planned or not..

  3. MH2

    I’m so excited and happy for you! and “what LT and Stacey said…” you’re gonna love having a girl… That’s what I’m hoping for next time too… Best wishes to you! Can’t wait to see the newest Angel in your life!!

  4. shy me

    i’m the youngest of three… the only girl with two older brothers. it sounds like your boys are going to make your little girl as happy as my brothers make me.

  5. Sheryl

    i was the same way with my third child. i already had two girls, and in a moment of passion we opted not to use a condom. oh there was much wailing and crying when that little pink strip showed up on the test! I kept telling him in utero “Don’t take it personally, I’m sure I’ll really like you once you get here!”

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