58 more days…

I want my baby to be born already!

I want to meet her. I want to see what she looks like. I want to kiss her. I want to touch her soft skin. I want to watch her sleep. I want to rock her and sniff her. I want to tell her I love her. I just want to hold my little girl already.

And I’ll be honest, I’d like my waistline back.

But I want her more. Hurry up, time. I’m aching for my baby.

5 thoughts on “58 more days…

  1. sky

    She will be here soon, don’t you worry! Check out my page and see what happened to my sister this weekend; she had a baby girl and didn’t even know she was pregnant!!!!! She sais she did it the right way because she didn’t have all the worry and waiting like you do right now! Good luck!!!! Baby girls are ALWAYS good news (wether you have to wait for them or not :)!)

  2. melly

    Jett said she thinks you’ll have her early. I said that I think you’ll will that baby out. I tried to have Matthew on my birthday, but I was unsuccessful. Then again, I am not a Latina.

  3. christine

    What I want to know is how anonymous keeps “finding” this girl’s websites? I mean, doesn’t she keep changing URLs, etc? Anonymous: how do you find her so quickly?
    Whoever keeps putting up the page is nothing but an attention whore.

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