Gabby’s room is finally painted. The chair rail is up. The window is encased.
All we have to do now is put up the boarder, decorate and get the furniture (which we have yet to purchase, but have already have already picked out) in there.
It’s going to be so adorable. Here are a few pictures of the colors we painted and what the border will look like once we get it up.

(Click to enlarge)
Now tell me, does it get any more precious than that?
No, I don’t think it does.
(oh, and yeah, I have a thing for purple rooms)

10 thoughts on “PRETTY DRESSES!

  1. jsg

    awww, it’s so sweet. purple is my signature color so of course i love that room.
    it’s going to be really wonderful when it’s all done.
    makes me almost wish i had a baby girl.
    oh wait, hah! nevermind. girls are trouble! :)

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