cleaning has never been this fun!

How did I ever live without Oxiclean?
Now that it has come into my life, I can’t imagine living without it and it’s magical cleaning powers. It has made cleaning my bathtub an experience like no other. One where I marvel at the ease in which I am able to remove the filth and grime. One where I call my husband into the bathroom so he can marvel with me and we can both praise the almighty powder together.
Oh, how I love thee, Oxiclean and how I bless the day I decided to spend the $5 and give you a try.

17 thoughts on “cleaning has never been this fun!

  1. grace

    Oxiclean took purple nail polish out of my off-white carpet. I use it in the laundry, too. Especially for my husband’s softball clothes that I can’t bleach. Good stuff!

  2. Tre

    Whooo hooo. I’m always on the look out for a good cleaning product. Must be the neat freak in me. Thanks!

  3. yvonne

    you can buy it anywhere.
    The grocery store.
    GO get some, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ktpupp

    OK, so you Oxi fans, please tell me what I am doing wrong! :(
    I bought a big ol’ tub of OxiClean because I kept hearing folks rave about it… We tried it in our carpet cleaner and didn’t see any better results than just water, I’ve added it to my white loads and they look the same as without, I’ve tried it on stains and not had it do a thing…
    The OxiClean Gods must hate me!

  5. guruvious

    “Not to be handled by pregnant women.”
    Um…I thought pregnant women couldn’t clean bathtubs when they’re preggo’s. That’s what my wife said when she was carrying. Hmmmm…

  6. christine

    Okay, as long as we’re talking cleaning products. I can’t live without my big bottle of Folex . That stuff is amazing. You just spray it on a spot, rub it with your finger and absorb with a paper towel. It’s made for carpet, but it works on all kinds of tough spills and stains on clothing, etc.

  7. Em

    Oh my God! It works in the bathtub too?
    That’s it, I’m spending $5 next time I’m in Walmart to grab some of this stuff. My tub is such a terror.

  8. joaaanna

    You all must run out right now and try Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. They are cheap, last a LONG time (but are disposable too) and they clean like nobody’s bizness!!!!!! Seriously – these things are a miracle – and I dispise cleaning. I use them with ‘Awesome Spray’ and it cleans like a dream – I bet they work great with your Oxi-stuff too!

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