The cuteness is killing me.

I know I should have waited until after my ultrasound tonight to be sure I’m having a little girl, but I couldn’t resist. Yesterday, I purchased my first baby outfit

If I really am having a little girl, it’s going to be dangerous. I can’t even stand how cute the clothes are for little girls and I can see getting carried away. I never really went overboard with my boys because shopping for boys clothes isn’t any fun. Ok, I’m lying, shopping for baby boys shoes was great fun, Andrew had at least 20 pair at any given time, but the clothes… boring. However, the variety they have for little girls is lethal, I’m telling you people.
Oh man, God help me if it really is a little girl growing inside of me.

On a completely unrelated note, surely, I can’t be the only one who always tastes my drink before I leave Starbucks to make sure it doesn’t taste like ass, that way, if they didn’t make it right, I can make them give me another drink because I’m not paying $4.85 for a drink that tastes like ass. It better be perfection for that price.

8 thoughts on “The cuteness is killing me.

  1. Amy

    Not only do I taste them…but if they do taste like ass…or don’t taste right anyway…I take them back!!! I like my White Chocolate Mochas Sweet and my Fraps Double blended so their aren’t nasty little chunks of ice in them.

  2. Laura

    Awww, that’s so precious! Buying stuff for little girls is so much fun. How did you end up doing the nursery? Did you guys survive the painting fun?

  3. NinaKaye

    That is sooo cute!! I love shopping for baby clothes…and I’m a sucker for pink! The sucky thing is when you can only afford like one or two things, but you see about 50 that you want. It’s hard narrowing it down. Thing is, you really don’t need a bunch of stuff. I have a crap load of baby clothes now and nothing to do with them.

  4. Rae

    I was 19 weeks pregnant with my third (fourth) child when I found out it was a girl, and I went BERSERK with pink… lol… now I’m sick of pink, that little girl is five years old and what is her favourite colour? PINK. Blech….

  5. etherian

    It doesn’t matter where I am, if I buy any drink for more than $2, I’ll taste it. And if it tastes crappy, I’ll say so.

  6. Rori

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ultrasound! It is 9 pm my time, where is your report?
    I know you will still feel blessed, regardless of who you have inside you, little Jay or little Jaya.

  7. Colleen

    While I don’t taste my drinks before I leave Dunkin’ Donuts (I hate starbucks coffee), this reminded me of a friend of mine. He was obsessed with Dunkin DOnuts iced coffees a few summers back. He’d go to the same place on his way to work every morning and request that they melt the sugar in hot coffee before adding ice. It was all fine until someone new came into the picture. After about a week of having to ask her to remake his coffee with melted sugar, he finally ended up throwing the coffee through the little drive-thru window at the girl.
    He never went back.

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