Swing low

I swore to myself that I would wear a bra every minute of everyday and every night with this pregnancy so that I could to my part in avoiding any further sagging of my boobs. Screw that. Now I just tell myself, as I undo my bra, “you can save up and get a lift after the baby’s born” because the bras make me so damn uncomfortable.
Perhaps it’s because I don’t know how to pick out a good bra. Every bra I own eventually hurts me because of the weight they have to carry.
I just want to be free. Free from confinement! Is that really so wrong?

8 thoughts on “Swing low

  1. Stacey

    See Yvonne, you’re USED to the cleavage. Me? I’m still not adjusting to these huge things on my chests. Anytime I let these puppies go it’s like a huge rush of relief.
    I’ve never had to wear a bra in my life(but I did when my mother made me) and now that I HAVE to wear one I hate it!
    Down with bras! Up with [saggy] boobs!

  2. NinaKaye

    I have bra trouble too. Can’t find one that I like or that fits like I want it to. I’ve basically been reduced to wearing sports bras about 90% of the time.

  3. cee

    It’s all about comfort! Be free! I tell ya, between age and gravity, pregnancies and breastfeeding several thousand times… they’re going to sag no matter what you do! I mean, imagine blowing up a balloon and let the air out hundreds or thousands of times… you’re going to be left with sag. No way around it…well, short of dropping a lot of cash for the lift. Eh, not worth it. Enjoy being comfortable. At least you have some substance. Nothing worse than flat & saggy like me…. =)

  4. Stacy

    I hate bras, too. I only where them when I’m out in public. When I’m at home, forget it. Even though when I go down steps, my boobs practically smack me in the face.
    My friend Aimee used to work at Victoria’s Secret and said that they will do a fitting for you so you get the right fit. She said that most women, in fact, don’t wear the right size. Now, I don’t recommend actually buying from Vicky’s because they’re too goddamn expensive (who wants to pay $50 for something you hate?) but still … it’d be nice to know what the right size is.

  5. sarah

    I hate wearing a bra to. wenever im in p.e class and we have to run and didnt wear a bra so i was running a boy came up to me and asked if i need a lift and he took by boobs and pushed them so up and pinched my nipples. so from that day onwards i started wearing a bra and now that i do my boobs keep on popping out of it!!! they heart!

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