Mandy, you hurt me

Insufficient in worth; undeserving
Lacking value or merit; worthless.
Not suiting or befitting
Vile; despicable.

That is the perfect word to describe how I feel about John “Red” Stevens being one of the American Idol finalists. He’s that bad.
Admit it, you thought I was feeling sorry for myself, didn’t you?
*And this concludes my talk of American Idol until tomorrow night, I promise…*

8 thoughts on “Mandy, you hurt me

  1. etherian

    I finally watched that tonight, and I have to agree. He makes me want to fall asleep. And quite frankly, the only gal that should make it to the end is Diana… gods the others kept hitting shrill notes.

  2. Sunidesus

    Actually watched most of that tonight. (stuck at work, nothing else on) First time I watching AI. How did those people make it this far? For the most part they were all pretty sucky.
    However! I will NOT let myself get addicted to yet another reality show.

  3. Jen

    If John Stevens makes it through this round, I think I’ll cry. I can’t threaten to quit watching because, well, that just won’t happen.

  4. christine

    Oh my god, I know. I finally watched him last night just because I was walking through the family room and it was on. He has no star qualities whatsoever. Couldn’t you just tell that Barry Manilow hated it but couldn’t say so? Ugh.

  5. reese

    Dude, if he doesn’t get booted and someone else does…(besides Fantasia the drag queen), I will cry and throw things at the TV. The only reason he made it this far is because everyone else pretty much sucks, too…but damn…even JPL was better than him.

  6. jen

    I like the kid’s voice when he croons and if this show were about who would be the next Frank Sinatra, I’d vote for him.
    But it’s not and therefore it is TIME FOR HIM TO GO HOME.
    He is WAY too green for this competition, especially when he tries the love songs. What the hell does a 16 year old virgin know about love and loss and relationships? He’s probably still sleeping in Power Ranger jammies. I doubt he’s ever even had a girlfriend, let alone one that dumped him after ruining his credit, or running off with his best friend, or giving him the clap.
    He needs to experience some real-life shit to give his performance some nuance. Right now he’s just a likeable kid, and THAT is not interesting.

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