I’m screaming like a little girl!

I have been searching all morning for a theme for Gabriella’s room all morning. Since I’ve had two baby boys rooms, I want her room to be as girlie, sweet and pink as possible.
I think I found what I’m looking for! You tell me, does it get any more girly than this…

AHHHHHHHHHHH! I love this so much. It’s the Dress Up collection by Osh Kosh. Now, I might have to sell an organ to afford it, but it would be worth it. Do you see the dresses?
Oh man, this is too much fun. I’m telling you people.

18 thoughts on “I’m screaming like a little girl!

  1. Michelle

    How pretty! I love it- now I want another little girl. lol
    And Gabriella Mercedes is a gorgeous name! I have always loved the name Mercedes. :-)

  2. Gary

    Very good taste Yvonne. The bed is virtually identical to the one I bought my grandson. Of course we added some University of Tennessee Vols stuff to make it manly for him.
    You have chosen wisely. Continued good luck.

  3. Jennifer

    My teeth hurt!
    And I’m surprised you were able to go this pink and girly considering your many years of dealing with poop and fart jokes. Hell, having ONE of those boy things in my house has rendered me allergic to pink.
    PS. Loving the name.

  4. yvonne

    honestly is so refreshing, seriously. However, how can you not like the cute little dresses? Heh.
    I know it’s different, but I think that’s why I love it so much. It’s SO GIRLIE and that’s what I want.

  5. Joelle

    Ok, in all honesty? I’m not much of a “quilty” person. But I must say i love the pink, I love the little dresses, down with wicker, but up with light wood and green!
    I dig. And Gabriella is a beautiful name. It’s perfect. Of course, it’s not Joelle, but really… we don’t need another me floating around. 😉

  6. dana michelle

    I want that room for ME!!! Then again, I might be biased because OshKosh B’Gosh started right here in the great state of Wiscosin.
    Too cute! Also love the name you’ve picked out.
    Hooray for frilly little baby girl things :)

  7. NinaKaye

    I love this. There’s a set in Bombay Kids that’s similar, but the dresses have ruffles…but I don’t think it’s for cribs, anyway, I feel in love with it as soon as I saw it…and this too! Makes me wish I could have done something cool for my baby.

  8. Vicki

    Enjoy the girlie stuff while she is little (that room is SOOOOO beautiful) then let her be a tomboy. It’s always good to know things from both sides of the fence.

  9. Andreah

    Umm.. beautiful name. I love it, we were consdering it as well, but Husband wanted to name the baby after him if it was a girl, so if it is her name will be Kevin. Cute huh?
    PSYCH!! (I wish more people would start using that again!)
    Kevin isn’t my husbands name but yeah we are naming it after him if it’s a girl.
    I do love the extra girly ensemble you have going, it will be to die for, everything is so pretty:)

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