Everyone else is doing it

Everyone’s boycotting everyone and everything. I’ve never been a “boycotter”, although, growing up in a house full of church people, I was told to boycott many things. Church people love to boycott products that are from “the devil”. For instance, we were not allowed to be Procter and Gamble products because the symbol they put on their products was satanic (or so the preacher said, and you know how when you’re a church person, you believe everything the pastor says!)
Personally, I’ve only boycotted 2 things in my life. Birthdays and Sex. Even then, I never thought I needed to be all loud about and go on a crusade to make others do the same. No. Instead, I just refused to blow out candles and quietly refused to lay down and open my legs. And that only lasted for about 2 days because I quickly learned I was only hurting myself.
I can totally understand boycotting Old Navy because they allowed Morgan Fairchild to dance in their commercials (dude, have you SEEN those commercials?), but other than that, I can’t think of anything else I feel strongly enough against to boycott.
Ok, maybe painting and cleaning and laundry and dishes…

9 thoughts on “Everyone else is doing it

  1. QC

    Wow, I remember my grandma boycotting P&G. It was a pain in the ass…they make EVERYTHING. I also remember being at a friend’s house and staring at the P&G logo on a tube of toothpaste, feeling like I was holding some evil instrument of Satan in my hands. The things that got drilled into our little mini-Fundy heads, I swear…

  2. waistdog

    I keep trying to boycott life, and responsibility…..but it keeps throwing itself at me like some whore that’s just in it for the money.

  3. yvonne

    well, that was a loooooooong time ago, and if i remember correctly, it was a moonstar symbol and everyone said they gave money to satanic churches, or something like that.

  4. dana michelle

    Go to snopes.com. Click on “business” and then on “corporate alliances”. The whole P&G myth is there.

  5. guruvious

    If I hear that surfer dude say “Toes on the nose, bro.” one more time…
    It’s very hard to boycott Old Navy when you have kids.

  6. yvonne

    oh, I KNOW… the clothes! But you can just say you’re boycotting them, and still shop there. that’s what most boycotters do. right?

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