Don’t hate, appreciate (the big, beautiful men with muscles)

You people who have no respect for the game of basketball, you who mock the sport by calling it ridiculous … What the hell is wrong with you? Basketball is the greatest game ever. I love it so much, I’d use my body to wipe the sweat off the floor of the court. It’s exciting, fast paced, unpredictable and they don’t stop the game every 2 seconds for commercials (like some other stupid sport I know of.) 48 minutes of pure pleasure. That’s what basketball is.
Respect it, man.

9 thoughts on “Don’t hate, appreciate (the big, beautiful men with muscles)

  1. Vickie

    NCAA basketball is all I watch between November and early April. March Madness has aged me 20 years (and being from Connecticut I don’t need to tell you what a basketball frenzy this state went through this year)…

  2. waistdog

    I used to not care for basketball.
    And I still don’t know the game very well.
    But I find myself wanting to learn about it.
    And I’ve always respected it.
    Even if I don’t watch it for the big beautiful men with muscles.
    I have to admit, I admire what they do, and how well they do it.

  3. melly

    I watch it for the big, beautiful men with muscles.
    And also because it’s the greatest sport of all time.
    And also because of that one time I could so tell how big Robert Horry’s penis is.

  4. Buzz

    How can you even THINK of basketball when the hockey playoffs are happening?
    Although the thought of you wiping the sweat off the floor with your body does make it a little more enticing, I must admit!

  5. Stacy

    THANK YOU, BUZZ!! I was just about to say that myself.
    Basketball is okay, but IMO, HOCKEY is the best sport there is. Period. It’s much faster paced than b-ball (come on, they’re on ICE!), they don’t stop very often, either, hockey players are HOT AS HELL, and the violence is FUN!!

  6. Gary

    I can not get excited about a game where every 24 seconds 10 millionaires jump up in the air.
    Give me college football or NASCAR anyday.

  7. Andreah

    I will kill for major league baseball.
    I love baseball and will marry it
    Baseball + Andreah = True Love Forever
    I would hump baseball if I could.
    When baseball is on TV I lick the screen.
    I have wild sex dreams about MLB players
    I set my schedule around when baseball is on TV
    Dear boys of Summer,
    Will you go out with me?
    Yes, No, or Maybe.
    (circle one)
    Yours truly,

  8. Dixie

    I dont like basketball, dont care too much for football or hockey…but….my favorite sport of all time….
    watching my 7yr old swing that bat and hit a HOME RUN!!!! for small fry baseball in the Dixie Youth Baseball League!!
    Now THAT makes my heart MELT

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