Bear with me, I’m going to be doing this alot. Next up, a picture of me sucking a bottle.

I’m going through a stage. A stage of looking through old pictures and remembering the past. I love to do that once in a while. I especially love looking at pictures of my boys when they were babies. Oh, how everything was right with my world back then.
Today, I came across a picture of me and Tony. I remember the day we took it. He had come over to my parents house to visit me, and we were outside joking around. My sister had a new camera and she asked to take a picture of us. Tony grabbed me and held me and she snapped away.
I will never forget how happy I was at that very moment. Happy and completely in love. I knew already, at the young age of 18, he was the man I was going to marry. What I didn’t know were the hard times that were ahead for us. The many struggles we’d go through together. Young love, if only it could stay that way forever.
I certainly NEVER imagined a day where he couldn’t pick my ass up like that again. I don’t think he could lift up one thigh now, even if he tried with all of his might. But then again, I never imagined I’d be married to a man with a man who’s going bald. So I guess we’re even.

4 thoughts on “Bear with me, I’m going to be doing this alot. Next up, a picture of me sucking a bottle.

  1. amy

    HeHeHe, Funnt that my husband is going bald too, but when I mention it I always make sure to point out the fact that I am getting Gray Hairs too. So lets all grow old gracefully!!

  2. Gary

    So you are saying Tony has gotten a lot weaker over the years :-)
    It really is a nice picture of young love.

  3. Hey Lisa

    I love seeing your pictures. You two look so happy together. I haven’t been getting around as much as I’d like, but I do read when I can. I admit to speeding through blogs and not always leaving a comment.

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