We’ll laugh and hold hands and take pictures of him rubbing my belly.

I spent the morning volunteering in Ethan’s classroom (who, by the way, is the Star Student this week.) While I was there, the principle came in to tell Ethan’s teacher some exciting news. Some news that might make a certain blogger I know a wee bit jealous.

American Idol reject, Matt Rogers will be coming to my son’s elementary school to perform for the kids.
He lives in the same city we do and he’s best friends with the Principles son, so he’s agreed to come perform at an assembly after spring break.
How stupid is it that I’m actually excited about it?
Especially stupid because I didn’t even like him while he was on the show. Too much cheese factor.
Even so… totally. excited.

8 thoughts on “We’ll laugh and hold hands and take pictures of him rubbing my belly.

  1. Shelley

    Oh…I adore Matt Rogers. I never watch AI and I watched it, just for him. He’s got charm…and cute as a button. Lucky woman!
    I thought of you last night…I was falling asleep and clicking on Comedy Central and Jay Mohr’s comedy special was on. It was quite funny…kept me away watching for a whole hour when I really should have been sleeping.

  2. shy me

    omg! he put ‘baby sister’ as part of his family. awwwwwwwwww. how adorable! you pick awesome names, by the way.

  3. her

    That is so sweet!!! He made a great little “about me” board!
    I do that too… take pics of my kids’ bulletin board when they’re student for the week!! =)

  4. Louise

    Listen, I could use a little change-up in my star of the week stuff for next year, and that seems perfect. Sadly I can’t read everything that’s written on Ethan’s board… Do you think you could let me know? (not like, his answers, but what did he have to fill in?) If not it’s okay.

  5. Dania

    Can you tell him I love him? lol
    I noticed he was from Rancho and I meant to email you about that lol…
    That man is hot! lol

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