They’re just make believe, right?

Dear people who dress up as clowns for a living,
If it’s possible, could you please wait until you arrive at the place where you will be performing as a clown to put on your makeup, wig and outfit? That would be greatly appreciated because it freaks me out to have to sit at a red light next to you.

5 thoughts on “They’re just make believe, right?

  1. Gary

    But then the people would see them without their make-up and that is a big no-no for clowns. And for Pamela Anderson to.

  2. waistdog

    It depends on whether they were performing clowns?
    Or actual CLOWNS!
    Performing clowns take their makeup off.
    Actual clowns…live it.

  3. Jett

    Hey, it could be like it is around here, where none of the fucking clowns wear their makeup in order for you to determine that they are, in fact, clowns.
    Or bozos. To each his own.

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